North Has No Doubt, Says Neither Should Kim Jong-Un – Trump Will Do What’s Necessary

oliver north


Oliver North tells Stuart Varney that he is certain that President Trump would order the Carl Vinson carrier group to shoot down a missile launched by North Korea using their THAAD systems on a missile’s way up or those deployed in South Korea or Japan on the way down.

Stuart Varney clarifies, saying, “I’m asking because, quite clearly, President Trump is prepared to fire Tomahawk missiles at the Syrians as punishment for the poison gas attack, is he prepared to fire off missiles against North Korean missiles, I mean, do you think he’s got that mindset at this point?”

North replies, “I have no doubt about that. I don’t think that Kim Jong-un ought to have any doubt about it. Look, it appears that Kim is now prepping for yet another nuclear test, their sixth. All of these are part of the Pyongyang – Tehran joint venture to develop nuclear weapons and the ICBMs capable of delivering them.”

So April 15th is the 105th birthday of Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, the Soviet-supported founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and these anniversaries are usually used for demonstrations of North Korean military might.”

North says, “The Trump administration’s already delivered those THAAD missiles to both the Republic of Korea and Japan, that’s a system that’s designed, it’s a bullet hitting a bullet kind of a thing with bringing down intermediate missiles on their terminal phase. What you’re talking about now is taking down something on the way up, and yes, those strike groups do have, on those frigates and on those destroyers, the ability to do so.”

Varney says, “Now that’s us challenging China, North Korea. We challenged the Russians and the Iranians with those Tomahawk missiles that went after the airfield in Syria. Now they have responded with this, this is their statement just coming out. ‘From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”

“So they are now threatening us.” Varney asks, “Is there much to that threat, Ollie? North says, “Yeah, that statement came out of what they call the Joint Operations Center of Syrian Allies, which is Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, how’s that for a team? And what they’re actually doing is trying to warn us against another strike.”

North says, “Now I will tell you this just as sure as we’re talking right now, Stuart, if there is another chemical warfare strike or somebody anticipates one is getting ready to launch, the United States will do it again. Sending a message with a bowl full of flowers is one thing, sending a message with cruise missiles is something else.”

He continues, saying, “Here’s something very important. The nuclear threat from Pyongyang and Tehran, which is well underway in terms of being able to develop the weapons and the means of delivery, is an existential threat to the United States. ISIS is not, the Syrian regime is not. “

He says what we should be concerned with is a merger between ISIS and al-Qaeda, adding, “You notice it didn’t go away once Bin Laden was dead.”

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