No Skin Tone Reparations, Blacks Owned Slaves Too – Give Trump A Chance

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Jesse Watters addresses the lack of a willingness on the part of dishonest black leaders to give Donald Trump a chance to do what he said he would do, to make the lives of their constituents better by making the country stronger and restarting the economic engine.

He references a bill that was put forward by the racist Congressional Black Caucus that seeks slavery reparations. He asks his two guests to chime in with their thoughts, both are black. Darrell Scott is the pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, a Trump supporter. The other is a chronically whining parasite “contributor” Jehmu Greene. It’s odd that they would call a parasite like her a contributor as she’s clearly all about attaching her feeding tube to any unprotected source of wealth or sustenance.

She says that it’s not ridiculous for the racist Congressional Black Caucus to open with a bill for money based on skin color because he’s been doing it every session for decades. That’s how liberals think, if you’re a big enough crook you must be legitimate.

Pastor Scott believes the bill should not be considered, reminding Watters that during 2008 Obama also shared the opinion that reparations is nonsense. Scott shares some other “fun facts” about the topic, noting that during the times of slavery only one percent of Americans owned slaves. There were 3,500 free slaves who themselves owned 10,000 slaves and one black man, William Ellison who not only owned slave but actually bred slaves. It’s unknown if he is related to the Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison. Scott states in eloquent simplicity, there’s more to it than “just cutting checks for black people.”

Watters asks Shamu or Jehmu, whatever her name is, if she can specifically point to one reason why minorities should be fearful that Donald Trump’s presidency will set minorities back decades. She does the Democrat two step, talking around a topic that she can’t answer while still maintaining fidelity to the agenda. She eventually gets around to a statement that Donald Trump wants to take America back to the days of Jim Crow laws and all of that nonsense. Don’t waste your time, Jesse, her answer is “no.”

Mr. Watters then asks her if she really believes the crap that she just spewed, that make America great again is racist and once again, as if under a form of Democrat mind control for those with bird brains, she reflexively bails. Greene seeks the comfort and relative safety of switching the discussion to an answer given by Pastor Scott, the one in which he pointed out that blacks owned slaves as well. She notes how hearing the truth hurts her little heart. It could be the truth, but it might be all of that cholesterol or the extra sixty pounds she’s packing around. Ask your doctor, Jehmu.

She makes excuses for blacks not supporting crooked Hillary, but again Pastor Scott interrupts her with the point blank shot of truth, saying, “Black people saw through Hillary Clinton, that’s why.” That shut her up real quick. Scott notes that 8 percent of black Americans voted for Trump, and combines them with the ones that stayed home rather than vote for his opponent, identifying them as the ones that are giving him a chance.

They also get into the topic of Hillary Clinton’s pantomime of “I don’t feel no ways tired,” linked here, as well as a discussion of her laughable “hot sauce street cred.” One thing that comes across as obvious is you don’t want to try to BS Pastor Scott. He’ll rip you to shreds without ever laying a glove on you.

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