No More Shoulder To Shoulder – French Getting What They Voted For

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All of those Americans and others attempting to stand up to the globalist destruction of our world, as they become ever more aggressive in their efforts to impose their rule upon us, should now have taken notice of where the people of France are positioning themselves.

They are aligning themselves with those orchestrating the conquest of their nation by barbarian invaders and the nanny state of foreign control by the EU regional government, a subset of their planned world government. It’s appealing to the French because it allows them to complain about their government and lives while not requiring them to have to actually do anything, it’s all “Brussels” fault.

And they’ve got that new “clown prince” Macron. Sure, he’s hijacking the country for the robber baron banksters, but he “really showed Donald Trump” by squeezing his hand. That’s how the French perceive manhood and leadership. Personal responsibility, for liberals, particularly the French, is a foreign concept, both figuratively and literally. It’s not something they’re comfortable with.

In the days following the Paris attack of November 2015, many Americans and others around the world took a huge bite of the baloney sandwich Hussein Obama and his globalists were dangling in front of us, pledging solidarity with France, “standing shoulder to shoulder” while actually doing nothing but standing around and putting cute little transparent French flags on their Facebook profile pics.

That made them all feel good. They pledged not to let the terrorists win and many world leaders even marched in Paris holding hands like schoolgirls in a theatrical presentation for the world. That was good for setting up the sheeple with the submissive “global unity” tone for the Paris Climate Summit which would begin two weeks later, but not much  else.

The French, who never were much for standing shoulder to shoulder, have assumed a more natural position, shoulder to kneecap with their abusers and political masters. They’re bowing before the European Union, remaining facedown to the ground as the invading forces who kill them and are successfully destroying their nation take a firmer grasp on power.

The French had a chance to say no but it would have required them to act like men rather than mice. Standing up, against those who seek to enslave them, goes against who they are. They elected the Rothschild politician to be their president and now they are set to hand that boy banker the biggest parliamentary majority for a French president since Charles de Gaulle’s 1968 landslide. That’s not a referendum on Macron as much as it is an indictment of the French people. They deserve, as much as anyone on the planet deserves, the bitter fruits of their open borders hellhole.

The new globalist party of Macron is projected to win between 385-415 sets out of 577 in the lower house of parliament in June 18th voting. This is the political reality even as today a police officer was attacked in a manner similar to the latest London attack, saying “This is for Syria.” That attack took place at Notre-Dame cathedral, the popular tourist attraction.

Rather than arming themselves and fighting against these intruders and demanding that no more be allowed into their nation to prey upon the innocent, the French men are running away, running with the girls they should be standing and protecting, waiting for their state representatives, the police, to save them, if they arrive in time. Scared mice are very good runners.

When the next major attacks happen, the French deserve no outpouring of support and displays of solidarity as were seen in 2015. They were innocent victims then, now they have extended an invitation to their oppressors, they have voted for more open borders and more domination. They have voted for more terrorism.

If anyone does modify their Facebook profile picture after France is inevitably hit again, it should include not only a French flag, but a leash, a set of blinders, and a dunce cap along with the words “We told you so, Frenchy.” Unfortunately shoulder to shoulder is also how bodies are laid out, or stacked. We’re not going there with you.


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4 Comments on No More Shoulder To Shoulder – French Getting What They Voted For

  1. The 64 dollar question is; How is there a France since they always draw the short stick. Have they ever been the winner since the time they sent lady liberty over.

  2. msgtdubbya // June 7, 2017 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    I made a comment when the French people elected that playboy idiot that we may as well write France off. Not exactly those words but close enough. I think France and Canaduh are pretty much shoulder to shoulder now. Both nations went for the young good looking ball less wonders. Good luck Fancistan and Canadistan.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // June 7, 2017 at 9:53 am // Reply

    Les Français sont vraiment bons à élever le «drapeau blanc». Demandez aux Allemands si vous avez des doutes! Les Français n’ont jamais été un seul à se battre, mais se rendent plutôt! Triste!

  4. Deplorable Doctor // June 7, 2017 at 9:51 am // Reply

    The French are really good at raising the “White Flag”. Just ask the Germans if you have any doubt! The French have never been one to fight, but rather surrender! Sad!

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