No Liberal Judge Stops Turkey From Fighting Syrian ISIS Terrorists

turkey terrorist arrests


Turkey has pulled the trigger on a major sweep to clean up the ISIS trash that has infested their nation, the same garbage that a liberal federal “so-called” judge in Seattle has invited into the United States with open arms.

The report says, “Turkish police have detained some four hundred suspected members of Islamic State in anti-terror raids.” They note that “At least sixty suspects were detained in the capital, Ankara,” with another 150 arrested in a province near the nation’s border with Syria.”

Those arrested were largely foreign nationals, according to the news agency. “At least 780 people, including 350 foreigners remain in detention for suspected links to the terrorist jihadist group.” They note that “Turkey launched a military incursion into Syria last August in support of Syrian rebels (the ones that aren’t al-Qaeda and ISIS franchises, we must presume) to try to push Islamic State away from the border area.”

The reporter notes, “They have frequently carried out raids on suspected jihadist safe houses in Istanbul and other cities. The Turkish government has stepped up efforts to tackle the militants after the group was blamed for a night club attack in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve. Thirty-nine people, mainly foreigners, were killed in the attack.” They point out that Turkey shares a 900 kilometer boarder with Syria that has become a transit route for “would-be” jihadists.

So Turkey, a nation that is not nearly as powerful nor as inviting of a target as the United States is serious about and recognizes the threat Islamic terrorism poses. They are willing to pursue those terrorists within their nation and to take steps to prevent others from coming in across their border.

In contrast, the Democrats and establishment RINOs in the United States took illegal action to prevent the simple act by our duly-elected president of not issuing visas, not importing “Refugees,” from that same Syria that Turkey is being invaded through and is being forced to take military action to repel.

The United States is already under attack by external forces and from within by the anti-American Democrat Party. President Trump isn’t going to allow this insanity if there is any way it can be stopped, but he can’t do it alone. He needs our support and that of the cowards in Congress.

The threat is obvious to the Turks and it’s obvious to patriotic Americans. It’s not so obvious to libtards who ignore it, and allow the anti-American politicians, in league with the globalists and propaganda media, to use them as idiotic pawns in their deadly game of “Death to America.”

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4 Comments on No Liberal Judge Stops Turkey From Fighting Syrian ISIS Terrorists

  1. I was under the impression that the President can fire any Federal judge he so desires. Is this not the case?

    • Doesn’t look like it, Edie,

      Can a federal judge be fired?
      Justices and judges appointed under Article III of the Constitution (Supreme Court justices, appellate and district court judges, and Court of International Trade judges) serve “during good behavior.” That means they may keep their jobs unless Congress decides to remove them through a lengthy process called impeachment and conviction. Congress has found it necessary to use this process only a few times in the history of our country. From a practical standpoint, almost all of these judges hold office for as long as they wish. Article III also prohibits lowering the salaries of federal judges “during their continuance in office.” Bankruptcy judges, in contrast, may be removed from office by circuit judicial councils, and magistrate judges may be removed by the district judges of the magistrate judge’s circuit. Bankruptcy judges and magistrate judges don’t have the same protections (lifetime appointment and no reduction in salary) as judges appointed under Article III of the Constitution.

      Why are some federal judges protected from losing their jobs and having their pay cut?
      Federal judges appointed under Article III of the Constitution are guaranteed what amounts to life tenure and unreduced salary so that they won’t be afraid to make an unpopular decision. For example, in Gregg v. Georgia, the Supreme Court said it is constitutional for the federal and state governments to impose the death penalty if the statute is carefully drafted to provide adequate safeguards, even though many people are opposed to the death penalty.

      The constitutional protection that gives federal judges the freedom and independence to make decisions that are politically and socially unpopular is one of the basic elements of our democracy. According to the Declaration of Independence, one reason the American colonies wanted to separate from England was that King George III “made judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.”

  2. We need to start arresting these Libtards that are helping these terrorists invade us for treason.

  3. Turkey is right – the nation is Muslim but they don’t want ISIS in their country. Good for them! The Democrats and the activist judges are insane – how dare they go against their President.

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