There’s No Crime – AG Mukasey Amazed At CNN Rush To Trump Judgment, Ignorance

mukasey burnett


Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey joined propagandist Erin Burnett on CNN for what she clearly hoped would be a lynching of both Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Instead it turned into an exhibition of her own ignorance, bias and obsession with her political ambitions.

She put up a graphic quoting AG Jeff Sessions which quoted him saying, “The FBI and DOJ have to remain independent. But every contact is not improper. I have not examined those in detail.” It was merely a statement of fact from the Attorney  General’s perspective. Burnett saw it as more and sought the assistance of Mukasey to make her case and to swing the rope over the tree branch.

Burnett attempted to lead Mukasey in the direction  of agreeing with her, saying, “It sounded, from reading that, like he’s trying to give himself cover, in case something improper did happen. I mean, this isn’t a full throated defense. This is ‘every contact may not be improper, but I haven’t looked at these.”

Mukasey responds, “That’s what any person would say in his position. He hasn’t looked at them nor should he waste his time looking at them.” She false back to her first available cover, asking, “so should he recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor?” An irritated “No,” is her answer. Burnett adds, “As Darrell Issa is asking for?”

Mukasey asks her the next question that makes her look like an idiot, “Special prosecutor of what? Where’s the crime? We haven’t even named a crime, let alone suggesting that charges are going to be brought.” Burnett showcases why Fox has so many attorneys as anchors, asking, “So you’re saying that until Congress comes out and says, ‘here’s the proof, that we now see that there was connections between the Trump campaign and Russians known to US intelligence, if and then, and only then, then you would say. Because that would be possibly a criminal act, right?”

“No, it wouldn’t,” replied Mukasey. Burnett’s flailing now, drowning in her ignorance and reaching for anything to keep her afloat. She asks, “Even if they had regular contact talking about working together to beat Hillary Clinton?” Mukasey tells her the only law he possibly sees that could have been violated is the Logan Act, which hasn’t been prosecuted since 1793.

The desperate Burnett continues, “But I’m talking about collusion or ‘It’d be great if you could find things on Hillary Clinton,’ and those sorts of conversations. That would be, that would be treason right?” Mukasey asks in exasperated disbelief, “What? No.” Burnett says, “You’re fine with that.”

AG Mukasey tells her, “It’s not a question of being fine. I’m not fine with it but there’s a difference between treason and what I’m fine with or not. And saying you ought to get stuff on Hillary Clinton, believe it or not, is not a crime. Even if you’re saying it to the Russians.

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