Nine Dead, 50 Injured In Berlin Terrorist Truck Massacre, ISIS Implicated

berlin truck massacre


The scene of the Berlin massacre was outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, where a large Christmas market is set up for holiday shoppers. A large truck drove on the sidewalk without its headlights on, mowing down innocent people in its path. Once again it’s an Islamic terrorist who conducted the horrific and brutal acts and once again the civilians are being told not to generalize, not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s undeniable that a high percentage of them certainly are and they bring with them no compensating societal benefits. Why take the risk of bringing them in? It’s insanity. 

Nine people are dead and upwards of 50 injured. The driver has been arrested, his passenger was dead inside the truck. Breitbart quotes Die Welt, as reporting the driver of the truck is “said to have come to Germany as a refugee,” although the article does not elaborate on where that information comes from. That puts more blood onto the filthy hands of Angela Merkel and George Soros.

A spokesman for the Berlin police says there will be an investigation into whether it was an accident or an attack. “We do not have any clear indications, either in one direction or the other.” They have to say that to remain objective and not prejudge the case. For the rest of us it’s pretty obvious this is the same methods used in the Nice attack.

Police have been on high alert for a possible attack on a Christmas market in Berlin for several days. They had intelligence that something was imminent, it apparently was this attack.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility according to an analysis of several online jihadist networks by the anti-ISIS Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force. However, some other analysts say the Iraqi group is premature with that declaration, and a formal claim of responsibility should be awaited from tradition ISIS communications outlets.

The incident took place at about 8pm.

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  1. Dr. Deplorable // December 20, 2016 at 9:12 am // Reply

    The only good poisonous snakes are dead ones!

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