Nigel Farage Visited Assange, Tells Globalists Clinton, Blair To Stuff It

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Nigel Farage met with Julian Assange this week in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has been forced to take refuge for four and a half years. The conspiracy theories notwithstanding, he says he went to visit Mr. Assange for personal reasons.

Farage says that the two men share a common interest “in something called the European arrest warrant. It’s a means by which British citizens, in fact any citizens in Europe, can be extradited anywhere in Europe without the production of any evidence, which strikes us as being rather wrong.”

He says, “Beyond that all I can say is that anything else that was discussed is, of course, private.” He’s asked, “What would you say to critics here who are trying to tie that meeting to the Trump administration, to WikiLeaks and saying, ‘hey, it’s one big giant conspiracy?'”

Farage replies, “No, let me just assure everybody there is no giant conspiracy. I wasn’t acting as a messenger or emissary for anybody, this was purely a personal meeting.” They then play a comment from the distorted and dark mind of human and country rapist Bill Clinton, speaking at the Brookings Institute. Clinton said, “People who claim to want the nation state are actually trying to have a pan-national movement to institutionalize separatism and division within national borders all over the world.”

The blithering globalist continues spewing his nonsense, adding a wannabe philosopher tone, stating, “In every age and time, eventually the challenges we face can be resolved in a way that keeps us going forward, instead of taking it to the edge of our own destruction.” The only thing lacking was a solicitation for the Clinton Foundation but that will probably arrive via email.

Bill Clinton earned a contemptuous response from Mr. Farage, who says, “Look, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and all of those politicians, what they tried to do was to give away the ability of nation states to make their own laws and have their own democracies. They want to sign us up to forms of global government. And what happened in 2016, with Brexit and with Trump’s victory is that that world, the world that Bill Clinton tried to build has just come crashing down, I am please to say, and he doesn’t like it.”

Farage says, “And I would say this to Bill Clinton, actually, you know, we’re the ones, on our side of the argument, we believe in democracy. We believe in the value of the nation state. We believe in being good neighbors with as many nations in the world as we possibly can do. And it might be better if people like Clinton and Blair stop moaning and recognize that the world has changed.”

Farage and his hosts noted the globalist, open borders theme of Clinton’s remarks, with “nation state” being relegated to the status of a dirty word, “that nationalism or even nationism, if you want to call it that, that there’s something wrong with that.”

Farage points out that “All over the world, since the beginning of time, people have made choices about who they want to be run by, who they want to be leader of the pack, and what their territorial boundaries are. We’ve been doing it now for nearly two million years, and then along comes Clinton and Tony Blair, tries to reverse it, and what we’re doing actually is we’re returning to normality. You know, who in this world puts the interest of their next door neighbor’s family above the interest of theirs?”

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7 Comments on Nigel Farage Visited Assange, Tells Globalists Clinton, Blair To Stuff It

  1. “We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore!” Of course libs have a very difficult time admitting that things are changing, and not in the way they want them to.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // March 13, 2017 at 10:51 pm // Reply

    Does “Bill The Rapist” & HildaBeast look like they are about ready to check-out?

  3. Dr. Deplorable // March 13, 2017 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    Nigel Farage is Spot-on! Bill Clinton along with HildaBeast are Scumbags!

  4. Julian Assange needs to be protected from VP Pence, a globalist traitor who threatened to come against the messenger – Wikileaks – not the leakers and not those criminals exposed through the leaks – the CIA and FBI and the DNC. Pence is President Trump’s LBJ – watch him closely!

  5. Speaking of Globalism, Farage is not. He is a hero to everybody in opposition to the evil Bill Clinton

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