Nigel Farage on Manchester Attack Targeting Kids, 19 Killed – A New Low

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Nigel Farage was interviewed in the immediate aftermath of what appears to have been a terrorist attack on children in the city of Manchester in the UK.  Nineteen people, presumably most if not all of them children, were killed in a blast Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert. Her events are attended mostly by young, teen and pre-teen girls.

Farage is horrified, saying, “I mean, this is a direct attack on children, which marks a new low, I think, in all forms of terrorism. I mean, we’ve seen, over the years we’ve seen attacks on all sorts of different communities. In fact the last nail bomb we saw was actually planted in a gay pub, so we’ve seen all sorts of horrendous things happen, but a direct attack on kids, it is absolutely awful.”

He notes that to a large degree the Brits have looked at the kind of terrorism that has happened in Belgium and France, pointing to the 20 incidents in the last three years in France, and felt that they were somehow better protected or “in a better place.”

Farage says he’s not going to rush to judgment as to who the perpetrators are, but that “any sense that the United Kingdom is safer than France or Belgium has rather disappeared this evening.” He comments that he was actually in Manchester himself tonight and that the prevailing feeling among Brits has evolved into one where it is expected that any such event would occur in London.

The fact that it took place in Manchester, their second largest city and was directed at kids is, he says, “going to be a big shock to the country when it wakes up tomorrow morning.” He’s asked what role this might play in the upcoming election, sixteen days from now. Brexit has been the largest issue but this could impact some politicians, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, the open borders liberal leader of the Labour Party.

Perhaps this was timed as a response to the unification effort against terrorism that seems to be producing fruit by President Trump and Middle East leaders in an renewed effort to fight terrorists and eliminate their ability to wage the campaigns of their perverted murderous ideology. The timing is coincidental if nothing else.

Attacking children is horrific; killing children is inexcusable. These perpetrators must be found and killed. And for God’s sake, stop letting the globalists import them into your nations to kill you and your children. Stand up and fight – tell the corrupt politicians no in whatever means is necessary to force them to do as their citizens demand. This has gone on for too long. It’s got to stop.

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5 Comments on Nigel Farage on Manchester Attack Targeting Kids, 19 Killed – A New Low

  1. Andrew W. Matheson // May 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm // Reply

    Hi ALL

    Islam is a “Religion of Peach”. Ya Fkg Right it Is. WHEN are Sheepo going to Get It – that Islam is NO Religion of Peace By Any Means – Plain and Simple. Time to Look at it for What Its Worth a TERRORIST RELIGION.
    Nothing BUT. NO Exceptions. WE Don’t Need “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in Europe or North America. A Big THANK YOU for Exposing Islam for What it IS, and Saying it as You See It. The Liberal Media Haven’t Got the Guts to Say It, YOU DO. Thanks Rick, Much Appreciate from CANADA.


  2. Oh it was “low” all right – but it was NOT “new.” I’ve got hundreds of cases of muslim murder of children, targeting children, torturing children. Not much is ever said when the ‘palestinian’ occupiers target children in Israel for almost 70 years – playgrounds, schools, etc. ShoebatPamela Geller and others have been posting articles on muslim child murders for decades. Thanks for this article Rick Wells – I found it nowhere else. PS: Your articles are being posted on other websites. Be happy!

  3. Debra Prisk // May 23, 2017 at 11:25 am // Reply

    Do I even need to predict who is going to be found responsible???..Islamic Muslim Terrorists…!!.

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