Nigel Farage – Calls For Arrest, Internment Of 3,000 On Terror Watch List Likely In Britain

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British Prime Minister Theresa May opens the segment in a video of a speech to the British people following the latest terrorist attack, in which she first pats herself on the back for making “significant progress in recent years,” adding “there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. So we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out, across the public sector and across society. That will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversations.”

Really, she’s talking about embarrassment after these people were murdered and injured? Where is the talk of restricting entry to the people who are most likely to engage in this kind of barbarism? It’s not coming from May but it is coming from Nigel Farage and the British people. Farage responded to the speech by May, saying, “Well, they were stronger words than we’ve heard before. Usually after one of these attacks we just get hand-wringing and talk of solidarity.”

Farage continues, “She did say enough is enough, but I would argue very strongly we should have reached that conclusion many years ago. And let’s not forget, she was the home secretary, she was the person in charge of our homeland security for six years, starting in 2010. And when she says we’ve made significant progress over the last few years, I think that’s wrong. I think what we  need to do today is to recognize we have not stopped radicalization taking place in our schools, our prisons and our mosques, and I don’t think you can deal with the problem until first you come clean about what you’ve got wrong.”

On the issue of open borders contributing to or causing this problem, Farage not that anyone who came to Europe and got a passport at any of the other European countries could then enter the UK and that many who claimed to be refugees were in fact not and had bad intentions. He also notes the failure of the British government to deal appropriately with stopping people who had fought in places like Syria from reentering. He says, “Over 400 known jihadi fighters from Syria have come back into Britain and we’ve only stopped one.”

Farage faults the weakness of the British government as well as political correctness in addition to open borders for creating the mess they have on their hands now. He says the mood of the country now is that they want more than speeches given outside 10 Downing St., they want action. He says if there isn’t genuine actions, “then the calls for internment will grow.”

In  illustrating the problem, he says, “We have over 3,000 people on a sort of known terrorist list, and we are watching, monitoring their activities. But a further 20,000 people, you know, who are persons of interest, namely they’re linked in some way to extremist organizations.” He cautions, “Unless we see the government getting tough, you will see public calls for those three thousand to be arrested. And I’m not sure that is the right approach because the big danger with that is we might alienate decent, fair-minded Muslims in Britain. But whatever happens, we do need action.”

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4 Comments on Nigel Farage – Calls For Arrest, Internment Of 3,000 On Terror Watch List Likely In Britain

  1. You’re right, Rick. We need to face some serious facts here. Muslims are not here to assimilate into this country., or at least live and let live They are here to take it over, and replace our Constitutional law with their Shariah law. And never the twain shall meet, except head on.

  2. Deplorable Doctor // June 5, 2017 at 11:21 am // Reply

    Control of Islamic Terrorism can begin with Castration!

  3. If they believe in Sharia Law then they are not decent, fair-minded Muslims. The people & governments need to remember this.

  4. In every country that has given these unvetted “refugees” homes and “fresh starts” to a new life, any known “refugee” that has fought a jihad in any other country needs to be sent back to their country of origin along with their families. If such tolerance is given to terrorists, do you think they will think twice about future terroristic attacks on said country? No! The terrorists will continue to blow people up, shoot them, cut them to ribbons as this country stands by wringing their hands and basically say, “Boys will be boys”!! I thought elected officials were to serve and protect?! Instead, these country’s officials have turned their own countrymen, women and children into victims. Do not jail, damn, or otherwise persecute your own countrymen, women or children if they rise up and protect their loved ones and their country because their government has not got the guts to protect them. Muslims read from the same book of religion. They are ALL taught the same teachings from their book of religion. In my opinion, they are ALL just waiting for their call from Mohammed and into action they will go. The government allowed this invasion. It is time for the government to act decisively and rid their country of the evil that the government allowed into their once peaceful country. Why persecute your own subjects, if you will? These times are not the times for a liberal mind set unless the government is targeting their own people for population control.

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