NFL Owners Sued, Get Headache They Deserve For Allowing Thugs To Run Wild

NFL owners should have controlled their unruly field thugs long ago. Now their businesses are suffering and they’re in court with Kaepernick suing because nobody wants a toxic…

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It’s called “nipping it in the bud” and it’s what NFL owners and commissioner Roger Goodell should have done back when Colin Kaepernick first began his disrespectful assault on the United States and our national anthem last year. Beyond that, they should have responded firmly back when it’s forerunner, the “hands up don’t shoot” lie, was first being peddled to the masses by the NFL field thugs.

The owners would have done themselves a huge favor. They would not only have avoided alienating their fan base, many of whom are gone forever, saving themselves huge amounts of money, but they wouldn’t now be being extorted Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson style by that very malcontent who started the anthem protests and who can’t accept the fact that now he’s poison and nobody wants him on their team.

By taking the unprincipled cowards’ way out, and somehow claiming that he and other bad apples have a right to protest while being paid and wearing their uniforms, the NFL has created a monster. The afro-adorned head of that monster is now trying to force someone to hire him and pay him a lot of money to come in and further disrupt their operations.

Colin Kaepernick has retained the services of celebrity ambulance-chasing lawyer Marc Geragos and  filed a complaint against the NFL, accusing them of colluding against him, of working together to deny him the ability to earn a living. It’s inconceivable to him that these successful businessmen could all independently recognize he’s someone they don’t want on their teams.

His position is that the owners have singled him out for some unknown reason, apparently having nothing to do with his own actions, as an innocent athlete who just wants to play ball. Perhaps they don’t like his color, his afro or tattoos, we know how obsessed the league is with maintaining its privileged, Johnny Unitas clean-cut image. Are there any black players in the NFL?

The owners didn’t all decide they want to pick on this innocent guy, they decided they don’t want his toxic influence on the franchise that they paid money for. And if they don’t want the negative influence that his being on another team would have on their own franchise, they should have a right to express their views as well. Being rich doesn’t mean you forfeit your First Amendment rights.

Kaepernick and his parasitic lawyer are demanding that all 32 owners turn over their cell phone records and email. It’s not that any owner would have wasted his time ever even speaking with Kaepernick. They want to eavesdrop on the private conversations of others. Just as with the supposed collusion investigation by Robert Mueller, Geragos is casting a wide net to see what he might drag in that can then be used later.

The seven owners to initially be deposed were chosen based upon their remarks about Kaepernick and because they made public statements that indicated they weren’t supportive of the disruptive demonstrations against white people, cops and America. If you have a business that someone wants to ruin in America, apparently, you’re not allowed to complain about it.

Geragos claims that “multiple NFL head coaches and general managers stated that they wanted to hire Kaepernick, only to mysteriously go silent.” There’s nothing mysterious about it – he’s trouble and he’s hated by fans for his assaults against this country. Nobody in their right mind would bring a toxic individual like him into their organization.

Owners being deposed include Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Bob Kraft, and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair. That’s certainly not going to endear him to any teams that might have been willing at some point to take a chance on him. Kaepernick will be lucky if he’s able to get a job in a booth selling team souvenirs.

His antics have gotten the result they merit, although it took longer than it should have. Nobody wants him and that’s why nobody’s hiring him. Instead of continuing to follow in his footsteps, players might want to consider the repercussions their misconduct will have on their own futures.

Every player’s contract will expire and owners, angered and frustrated by what has happened to their businesses and the never-ending turmoil, may decide it’s time to put their feet down and put an end to this protest idiocy once and for all. Goodell is one of those whose contract is up. The chances are good he’ll be joining Kaepernick on the sidelines, looking for work, with nobody returning his calls.

It seems everyone involved is getting what they deserve, slowly but surely. That includes a little delayed satisfaction for the forgotten component in this prison daycare uprising, the fans who have been insulted by these punks. We’re enjoying every second of watching them stew in their own pots.

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13 Comments on NFL Owners Sued, Get Headache They Deserve For Allowing Thugs To Run Wild

  1. “…Prison daycare uprising….” So on point! I burst out laughing when I read this!

    And, interestingly, I had just expressed the same sentiment about Kaepernick further poisoning the very career he thinks he still has!

    If he had talent, if he was a money maker, if he endeared himself to the fans or the NFL owners, he wouldn’t have to attempt to thug his way into a job. No owner is going to turn down a guaranteed money maker, talented or not. The owners are businessmen. Period.

    Attempting to sue his way into a job just further underscores what he doesn’t recognize – the guy has made himself radioactive.

    And if he was able to thug his way on to a team, he would continue to use threats and thuggery to have his way. That’s what professional victims do. That would put him in the driver seat of the direction of a team he doesn’t own, and all decisions would continue to be made through a grid of narcissism.

    There are no happy endings for arrogant, entitled bullies who are also professional victims.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // November 5, 2017 at 2:27 pm // Reply

    Wasn’t their a grounds keeper, or janitor that quit? I bet that position is still open.

  3. Dr. Kerr, PH.D. // November 5, 2017 at 8:25 am // Reply

    WE LOL !!!

  4. Rick, the option to receive notification for new comments is missing from the post area.

    • I’m tweaking the email, went to a new service to try to improve it, but there’s been a lot of things along the way that haven’t worked as hoped, most are fixed now (I think), that’ll give me something to work on tonight. I’ll try to get that fixed right away, Ben – Will you let me know if you see it’s made it’s return? Thanks for the heads up.

    • I just installed a new plug-in Ben that I think might fix the problem – that feature was included in the old email notification system that had quit working for me, didn’t realize it wasn’t in the new one or at least I can’t find it – so hopefully this has it fixed – please let me know if it still isn’t right -thanks

  5. very GOOD article.
    and i AGREE 100%.

  6. Hadenoughalready // November 5, 2017 at 7:11 am // Reply

    Serves them right. Let them reap what they’ve allowed to flourish – insanity, arrogance, and belligerence.
    Sports were once meant as a “pastime”, not a career endeavor.
    Frankly, I couldn’t care less if they all went belly up. Don’t get me wrong; sports are great so long as “politics” are NOT involved.
    Folks should, instead, take their kids, or their neighbor’s kids, to a ball field and play ball, not sit, grazing on pizza and slugging down beer, watching it.
    but that’s just my personal opinion…of course.

    • I’m hoping that some franchises go out of business or are forced into smaller markets, number of teams drop to where there is a glut of talent and fewer jobs at lower pay scales. Won’t be any privileged cry babies demanding anything then.

  7. Spot on!
    I’m just hoping that the tide is turning against all black racists whose only desire is to remove whitey from the scene.

    We have been pushed around for too long because we try being civil. Time to put them down and shut them up, as well as those who enable them.

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