Newt Gingrich – Obama Wiretaps Of President Trump Very Serious, Danger To Our Liberty

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Newt Gingrich joined Maria Bartiromo for a discussion of the claims by President Trump that former pretend ‘president’ Hussein Obama wiretapped him and several staffers, including a sitting Senator at the time, Jeff Sessions. He recommends reading former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy’s column on the matter, in which McCarthy states his beliefs that there are some serious issues regarding the behavior of the executive branch under Hussein Obama.

Gingrich says of McCarthy, “He thinks it’s absolutely worth digging out and understanding what went on. He points out that it’s very unlikely that the FBI happened to go in October to ask for a wiretap and got it from the FISA court with nobody in the Obama White House knowing they were doing it. To get a wiretap that included a presidential campaign in the last weeks of the campaign is a pretty extraordinary request and that’s McCarthy’s point.”

Gingrich makes the observation, “To think this happened to be done by some bureaucrats with no supervision, when you know, for example, that the Attorney General spent an hour in secret with Bill Clinton just before they dropped charges against his wife. I mean all of this stuff smells to high heaven despite the best efforts of the elite media to cover it up.”

Bartiromo references Mark Levin’s listing of points of evidence against the Obama White House “which show that the Obama administration did, in fact, make two requests to the FISA court, the first one was denied but then the second one was accepted. ” She notes the word parsing of Obama stating that they didn’t order it, saying, “But we know that there were requests to put in a wire tap at Trump Tower.”

Gingrich points out the nature of the Obama statement, “how carefully they worded it, they didn’t order it, okay, did they know about it? Did they approve it? Did they allow the FBI to do it? And you have to ask yourself the question, what did they think?” He notes that Paul Manafort had some connections with Russia due to his work in Ukraine, but he had been, at that time, gone for months. Gingrich asks, “So what’s their case? What the devil are they trying to do in this circumstance?”

Gingrich says the Trump team needs to remember that there is a group of people who are their mortal enemies, one of them being the New York Times, and the Washington Post another. He says, “These folks are going to be against them every day, they’re going to attack them every day, and they have to understand that they’re living in a hostile environment.

He responds to revelations made by Corey Lewandowski about Obama activities against Senator Jeff Sessions, saying, “If they were actually wiretapping a United States Senator, that is a very serious problem. Whether it’s legal or illegal, it is so dangerous to our freedoms, no matter who the Senator is, that we’d have to now understand it.”

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