New Poll Shows Half Of Americans Agree With Trump On Charlottesville

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Despite the best efforts of the dishonest propaganda media, globalist Democrats and establishment RINOs, a new poll that came out Friday shows that almost half of all Americans agree with President Trump on the causes of the Charlottesville violence.

That percentage will almost certainly go up once the details as to who were the aggressors, the interaction between the mayor’s office and the leftist goons, the cancellation of the Unite the Right permit as well as them being ordered by police into a waiting Democrat thug ambush.

The wording and labeling used in the survey itself was misleading and biased against the white protesters, who they called “white nationalists,” implying white supremacists. They described the black supremacists, communists and Democrat thugs as generic, innocent “counter-protesters.”

If you have counter protesters, isn’t the group they’re acting against also, by definition, protesters? And if they’re going to be labeled as white supremacists why isn’t Black Lives Matter a Black Supremacy group? Why aren’t the communists and AntiFa bullies anti-American hate groups?

President Trump has maintained that it takes two to tango, that “both sides” played a role in the violence. He also called out “troublemakers” among the AntiFa, BLM, communists and “counter-protesters” who came to the targeted event “with the black outfits and with the helmets and with the baseball bats.”

The poll conducted by SurveyMonkey on Thursday determined that a combined 49 percent of American adults believe that both groups were “most responsible for the violence in Charlottesville.” The responses indicated that 46 percent believe “far-right” groups were at fault, 40 percent pointed the finger at both groups, and 9 percent believe “counter-protesters” were the most guilty.

Had the language used to identify the leftist thugs been more representative of who they actually are, those numbers would likely have been more condemning of them.

64 percent of Republican voters believe both groups were guilty, 18 percent think the white rights protesters were, and 17 percent think the Democrat thugs were most responsible for the violence. Among independent voters a total of 46 percent believe both groups were responsible, with 51 percent successfully brainwashed by the anti-Trump propaganda media.

As is to be expected, 66% of the vote in bloc Democrats pinned the blame on the Unite the Right protesters, 24 percent said both groups, and only 6 percent knew or were willing to speak the truth about the leftist radicals.

We’ll see how much that changes when the truth about the relationship between the thugs in the street and the thugs in Democrat offices is released by the FBI and DOJ upon completion of their investigation.


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6 Comments on New Poll Shows Half Of Americans Agree With Trump On Charlottesville

  1. The white supremacists, neo nazis, have co-opted the confederate flag and and use convoluted slogans to make American patriots look like the bad guys.

    The peaceful protestors, IMO, had a perfect right, if they did, to defend themselves against the racist fascists that started the violence. I hope the investigation is not a PC exoneration.

  2. The is just one. Left want to get Mr. TRUMP out.WE need to stick together and defend our President.

  3. If the report from FBI and DOJ comes out truthfully, it’s unlikely that the MSM will give it much, if any, airtime. And, if they do, they will probably lie about it.

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 19, 2017 at 11:14 am // Reply

    I would have gone a few steps farther by calling out the mayer, governor, black lives who cares, demonRats, antifascist Fascist, antiAmericans, communist, socialist, and crybaby snowflakes all by name, then told the media to kiss off.

  5. I never agree with polls. As was stated in the article misleading words and labels can misconstrue the poll which usually happens and those that write the poll know that in order to get the answer they want. I believe there are more people that agree with our President on this than not.

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // August 19, 2017 at 10:22 am // Reply

    Surveys are like that, always skewed to get the answers the surveyors want.

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