New Normal? – “Breast-Feeding” Man Raising Child Without Gender Identity

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We’re all familiar with outrageous cases in which children have been taken from good parents by overly zealous and questionably motivated government officials, those instances are all too common. But just as despicable are those cases where a child or children should be protected and because they are in a trendy, liberal, politically correct situation, they don’t intervene. The child is allowed to remain with what, in this case, is obviously a mentally ill “parent” living out their own bizarre fantasy of “gender justice.”

The sicko in the video sitting at the microphone is obviously a male. He’s got facial hair and listening to him talk, there’s no doubt about it. That means that he is not the mother of the child, at most he’s possibly the father. Fathers don’t have breast milk, so what kind of pedophile or other variety of pervert is he to be holding the baby to his chest, forcing it to suck for what must in some way provide him with satisfaction or fit into his “non-gendered” dream world?

This freak, along with those who are violent, is the kind of offender that Child Protective Services should be targeting. Instead he’s allowed to continue, being turned into some kind of a celebrity trailblazer. Since it’s on CNN there’s always the chance that it is fake news and all made up and we can hope that is the case, but it doesn’t appear to be at this time.

At no point in the video do they mention the birth mother or the fact that this freak is not the birth parent. They don’t even state that he’s the father. They just state the fact that a baby was born and not given the identity consistent with its genitalia. If he’s got components of both, pick the most likely or flip a coin and monitor his development. Don’t make the kid a societal guinea pig or the subject of this perv’s pleasure seeking. The BBC says that the baby was not given a genital inspection after birth, which is nonsense. Every time the diaper is changed a genital inspection takes place and they’ve already established he was born in a home so there would be a lag in that recording time anyway.

The “parent,” as they describe him, is named Kori Doty, who is a gender-confused individual who doesn’t claim a sex. That’s his right as an adult and his reality to sort through. He can deal with it in whatever manner he chooses for himself. Expanding that fantasy to an innocent child is taking things way too far.

In the video Doty describes the child as “them” as if that is somehow more correct than a singular pronoun that would divulge the child’s true nature, saying he wants to provide, “the most open opportunities to develop as a whole human.” So in the interest of openness he’ll keep the gender a secret and force the kid to explain why he doesn’t fit in with the rest of the world at least throughout his formative years.

This liberal nutjob says he doesn’t “want to be restricting ‘them’ to what might come with a box.” He’s the one that should be restricted to a box, one with bars on the windows, where he can’t get his nasty hands or any other filthy part of his anatomy on an innocent child.

He admits to forcing his own mental health issues onto the child, saying, “I didn’t see adults that reflected how I felt as a younger self and so I couldn’t imagine what being a grown up would be like.” So he’s going to try to impose his mental health difficulties of his childhood that clearly still continue on a child that would in all likelihood have otherwise grown up perfectly normal and happy.

But there’s more. As a liberal he’s doing this to this child in order to promote himself and expand his perverted vision of a genderless society. He wants all of us to be non-gendered so we can share in living his sick reality. He wants us all to force kids to do unnatural things like he does.

Call CPS, call a Mountie, call anybody but Prime Minister Trudeau. Canada needs to track this sick individual down and get this kid away from him. Every day spent in that situation is another day of abuse being condoned and responsibility being neglected. Who knows what else goes on behind the scenes to fulfill Doty’s Sick fantasies?

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5 Comments on New Normal? – “Breast-Feeding” Man Raising Child Without Gender Identity

  1. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // July 6, 2017 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    A CREEP to top all creeps of the year! He will be forcing body parts onto/into the baby before the story ends. And if the youngster managed to physically survive this ordeal it will be twisted and warped for the rest of its miserable life…. and what few decent mentally healthy working people will end up being burdened with a “creep-created” monster of some as yet unknown variety.
    The western world has tipped over the edge.. it is more insane every week.

  2. That is just so disgusting! A few years back, he would’ve been locked up in an asylum.

  3. We can say whatever we want in condemnation of this atrocity against the children of the world, but if we don’t do something about it, fast and effectively, it’s on us!

  4. radman414 // July 6, 2017 at 6:27 am // Reply

    That is a “dude” with some very serious psychological problems, and definitely in need of some serious professional help. And while the picture of him “breast feeding” is just simply inane, almost any rational person would say that his actions do not constitute the best interests of the child.

  5. Unbelievable. The liberal cabal, inch by inch, are destroying morality, decency, and the law, so they can bring society down to a level they can control.

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