New Maybelline Ambassador Promoting Makeup For Confused Girly Boys

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The mainstreaming of perversion continues with cosmetic manufacturer Maybelline now pussing, I mean pushing, a line of cosmetics for women trapped in men’s bodies, or something like that. It’s complicated, as the easily confused who can offer no explanation for their behavior like to say.

We all know how these things work. Maybelline pays one of their “cutting edge,” do anything for fame or fortune “ambassadors,” to start what they hope will soon morph into a trend. They anticipate, with the many girly boys that the reeducation institutes are producing, those who are being urged to expel their “toxic masculinity” will join in the “fun.” Being a frustrated little male diva, they would have their victims believe, is much more rewarding and fulfilling than being who and what they really are, and totally natural.

There was already the individual freak show, who there is no reason to promote any further by identifying him/it by name, on YouTube. They added a promotional contest into the mix to create the excitement for the launch and the rest is perversion history. Their simply fabulous new products, makeup for boys who have gender identity problems, is off and running, down the road and down the drain to God knows where. It’s not a good place, wherever it is.

Mr. Her will be starring in Maybelline’s “That Boss Life” campaign promoting B***Sh*t, that is “Big Shot” Mascara. It’s no surprise he’s a 25-year-old Californian, that’s exactly what we’d expect, as are his comments, saying, “I believe makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules” and “boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.” Everything is being made gender neutral in this bizarre new world of liberalism run amok. This clown in the makeup was reportedly raised by “liberal Mormons,” so we can in some ways blame “Uncle Harry” for yet another failure of liberalism.

Makeup boy announced the news to his three million Instagram followers earlier this week, saying, “Honestly I couldn’t be more honored [or] thrilled! Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!” Part of what is so sad about this whole mainstreaming of freakdom is that this guy has three million followers on Instagram. They can’t all be bulimic and using his Instagram posts as a means of purging last night’s spaghetti. Something is wrong between their ears.

As for his claim that Maybelline is taking a chance on him, we can hope that there is a backlash among those who object to the degradation of our society but the odds aren’t good. Maybelline is already getting plenty of publicity and with millennials who are too young and naive to understand where this leads, they’ll be viewed as heroes.

America, for all of its greatness, has some problems with extremism. There’s the Islamic terrorist kind and then there’s the “your perverted mommy or two daddies put the wrong Garanimals on you,” didn’t they little boy, kind. Twenty years later, they’ve grown up to be freaks like this. In one of his Instagram posts, makeup boy wrote “wearing the new @kyliecosmetics @kyliejenner, more of that pervert Bruce Jenner distorting the American youth.

This is one big nasty web feeding and supporting itself off of each other. Bruce Jenner needs to be taken out back of the woodshed, so to speak, with the kind of wood he’d be receiving not likely the kind he dreams of or which prompted his conversion into whatever he is. What happened to self respect and embarrassment – or shame? The answer lies in one profane word – Liberalism.

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8 Comments on New Maybelline Ambassador Promoting Makeup For Confused Girly Boys

  1. These people are effing sick. Jihadi JEH needs to take control. That’s what Bozo would want. Please, JEH, let the States know you’re taking over.

  2. Well, all I can say is BC pills strike again.

  3. Hadenoughalready // January 7, 2017 at 11:42 am // Reply

    G-d Help us!

    The feminists have finally found a way to become true “equals” – feminize the men. Asexual drones led by “qweens” such as o’shitbag and moosquatch…

  4. Your last line sums up so much of our problem today. So many have lost the ability to socialize our young, as they lack skills needed for childrearing. This is why so many have lost the ability to assimilate into our society.

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // January 7, 2017 at 9:13 am // Reply

    Rick, I have always wanted to date a woman with more hair on her face than I have on mine.

  6. susan fuchs // January 7, 2017 at 9:01 am // Reply

    boycott~~~ I am angry that they are making girls out of men, and telling the girls it’s just fine! Perverts! I will boycott maybelline!

  7. I boycotted Cover Girl when Ellen was a spokes model for their cosmetics. I can do the same with Maybelline. As a woman who loves her make-up, I would rather go without than to pay these companies to play political correctness with their product. Revlon will work just as good. Heck, I will pay extra to Mary-Kay cosmetics, before I ever use Cover Girl or Maybelline again. Even if they recant the ads and go back to being a woman’s product, I will never purchase them again.

  8. Edie Faylor // January 7, 2017 at 7:53 am // Reply

    Boycott Maybelline now! This is disgusting!

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