NDAA “Ministry Of Truth” Propagandists Are Here, US Citizens Are Targets

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The discussion centers around what is described in a realization of Orwellian warnings as “The Ministry of Truth” portion of the NDAA. Lionel of Lionel Media is the guest who begins with a reminder that Tolstoy said ‘history would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.’ Well this is true.”

He continues, “In 1948 the [The U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948] Smith-Mundt Act was signed by Harry Truman.” He notes that Truman is rolling in his grave because the updated NDAA of today, building on the NDAA of 2012, removes the prohibition against external, foreign propaganda, and instead internalizes it and directs it towards our own soil.

He asks, “What would be wrong with the State Department or the government basically providing what amounts to absolutely propaganda directed towards American citizens? This country hated that, it was anathema, the notion of that. That’s all gone now because after all, we’re after fake news, we want the truth.”

The previous arrangement under the 2012 version of the NDAA created a ministry of propaganda board, now that board will be replaced with a single minister who will make those decision of what is truth on behalf of the nation. Lionel asks, “Who is this person?” What is this, first of all there is no such thing as fake news. Do you know who determines what fake news is? You and me. What’s fake news, excessive news, parody, I mean, what is this?”

He says, “Look, this is scary business here,” taking us back to the days of Harry Truman, saying, “Do you know the biggest problem they had with having the State Department decide what was propaganda? And the reason why it was absolutely verboten for there to be any kind of directed propaganda? Because they believed in this thing called communist infiltration. Nobody believed the State Department.”

He somehow has the perception that the Obama regime has a perception of being benign and faithful caretakers of the public trust, so he reverses it on the audience, asking them how they’d like the Trump administration deciding what we can and cannot hear. It doesn’t matter, either is unconstitutional and he’s right, we’d better wake up as a nation and put a stop to this.

He warns that what is going on in Europe now is a beta test for the future tyranny inside the US with the full acceptance of a sleeping, pliant and ignorant American population.

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