Nutjob Navarro Goes Berserk – Trump Ignoring Puerto Rico To Tweet About NFL

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Stephen Moore, a former economic adviser to the Trump campaign and President Trump, has his hands full with the libtard big mouths on CNN, Don Lemon and RINO Ana Navarro in particular. The two double team Moore in attacking President Trump, scraping the bottom of a barrel marked “most ridiculous assertions” for this round of attacks.

Always hostile towards President Trump, Lemon starts the contrived assault by stating his weak case based upon the number of tweets from President Trump’s twitter account. He compares the number of tweets about the NFL with the number of tweets about Puerto Rico.

It’s an arbitrary and subjective, false and irrelevant basis for their position, but it’s CNN and having no basis for his arguments has never given Lemon cause to hesitate in the past. He’s got Navarro in as his tag team partner and she’s been drinking the same fire water – please, no smoking boys and girls.

The weak point Navarro attempts to make on their combined behalf is that President Trump is only capable of dealing with one issue at a time and she’s demanding that his entire focus be the albatross of corruption and every kind of disaster, both fiscal and physical, Puerto Rico.

That’s particularly important in view of the fact that the Democrats are losing on their disrespecting America initiative. Americans agree with President Trump. Navarro, who is a Republican only by registration, is setting the smoke screen of a contrived slow response based upon race to distract from and compliment the “Trump hates black people” narrative of the NFL race hustlers.

Navarro shows why she’s on Lemon’s set when she says, despite the fact that the government response in Puerto Rico has been substantial, “And the lame, pathetic, excuse for a precedent [sic] that is Donald Trump is tweeting about the NFL, while Americans are dying, while Americans are in this level of need?”

The near out of control Nicaraguan-born Navarro, holds up her hand as if she’s going to slap Moore, seated on her right, or going to present him with one of those ghetto “talk to the hand” gestures. With that threatening posture she warns Moore to be careful what he says because “she’s about to have a Puerto Rican moment.” That sounds ominous, like it might involve reaching for his wallet while simultaneously biting and sucking the blood from his neck.

Moore humors her rudeness with a smile as Lemon makes excuses for her, saying, “She’s very passionate and you know a lot of people are” and accuses President Trump of only now taking an interest in the humanitarian emergency.

Moore disputes that sketchy assertion, saying, “That’s not true that he’s just now publicly focusing on this problem.” Lemon asks, “Why do you think it’s taken…” Moore keeps talking, saying, “I just got the statistics from the White House, there are ten thousand FEMA personnel on the ground in Puerto Rico right now. There’s a million meals that have been served to the citizens of Puerto Rico.”

Moore agrees that “It is a terrible tragedy what’s happened to that Island but the idea that somehow he’s neglected, that he and FEMA have neglected what’s happened is, I think, an unfair criticism.”

The overstuffed papaya attempts to craft an argument that President Trump was wrong to address the NFL disrespect because not everyone has yet been made whole in the money pit where the US citizens receive all of the benefits but don’t have to pay US federal income taxes, Puerto Rico.

Moore humors the boorish idiot but states flatly, “I don’t see how one is related to the other, and as the rude loudmouth continues to interrupt him he determinedly makes his point that “there are a lot of people who served our country who are completely outraged by the actions of the NFL players.”

He does his best to civilly argue a logical case in the face of the category 2 spit storm seated next to him, telling her, “You’re making an outrageous claim that somehow he’s neglecting Puerto Rico because he tweeted out something about the NFL.”

It’s completely out of control, an ambush by design, a situation Moore should never allow himself to be lured into again. If she’s on the guest list, decline. It’s that simple. That is the second red flag that it wasn’t going to be a legitimate interview in any regard. The first warning was that it was on CNN.


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3 Comments on Nutjob Navarro Goes Berserk – Trump Ignoring Puerto Rico To Tweet About NFL

  1. Ana Navarro has never once played fair when it came to our President. I was gonna say HER President, then thought better of it, lol. She does like to hear herself talk tho.

  2. Don Lemon, Ana Navarro, Put your money where your own oversized liberal mouths are, and do something yourselves to help Puerto Rico. Just talking about it is not enough. You guys make better money than the average American, so reach deep into your own pockets, and set an example if you really care.

  3. It is impossible to have a civil or factual conversation with the left. There can be no compromise, they must be completely removed.

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