Napolitano – Sessions Criminal Leak Indictments, Wasserman Schultz Spy Case Exploding

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Attorney General Sessions seems more motivated lately, probably for reasons having something to do with the Presidential teeth marks he’s now sporting. He’s promising action, saying, “I have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations of criminal leaks.”

Sessions says, “We’ve already taken a number of steps, we’ll have multiple, we’ll have a press conference next week about it, but we already have multiples numbers of prosecutions compared to last year at this time. We’re stepping up those cases, it cannot continue. Some people need to go to jail. If we can make cases they are going to jail.”

Judge Napolitano noted the use of “a term of art” when AG Sessions said “criminal leaks,” explaining that a West Wing leak of non-classified information is not a criminal leak. “But if someone unmasks from raw intelligence data, the identity of a person participating in a communication, whether it’s telephone, email or text messaging, and that is done for political purposes and not for national security purposes, that is a criminal leak. And I suggest to you that’s what has troubled the President and that’s what the Attorney General was referring to.

Hemmer asks if that is the first time AG Sessions has talked like that, with Napolitano replying, “Yes, it is the first time I have heard him say ‘criminal leaks,’ because he knows that not all leaks are crimes but the types of leaks that have bedeviled Donald Trump, that have commenced the entire mess that he’s in now, including with the special prosecutor.”

Napolitano points out that it “began when Susan Rice and her colleagues, she’s already admitted to some of this, engaged in unmasking, revealing the true names of people who participated in conversations that were captured by American and British Intelligence, and some of this was of Donald Trump before he was President.

They also delve into the Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal, noting that things aren’t looking too good for the Florida Democrat. Congressman Ron DeSantis, a House Republican notes that they need to investigate how their systems may have been compromised, so this thing is likely to get much, much deeper and larger very quickly. There was full unsupervised access for a team of spies around the clock, including the Intelligence Committee members such as their fellow Muslim, Andre Carson (D-IN).

Awan, who was arrested trying to escape the US to Pakistan is out on bail, having turned over his passport. He’s wearing a GPS ankle bracelet making it easy to locate him for the application of Seth Rich, Loretta Fuddy style Democrat Party “express justice” at any time.

 Napolitano asks what Wasserman Shultz knew about Awan and his activities, calling it very intriguing. What did Hillary Clinton, who was communicating with Wasserman Schultz during the campaign and who was her protector when she was fired from the DNC, have in the emails she was sharing with Wasserman Schultz that may have been forwarded to or intercepted by Awan?

There’s so much here and it must be a really dangerous situation for the Democrats, including Obama and Clinton, because the mainstream media has ignored it completely. Eventually they’ll have to provide cursory coverage, but they’re definitely trying to keep a lid on this story.

Given all of the potential vulnerabilities and involvement of major players in the criminal wrongdoing, Napolitano says, “Look for an indictment soon to see if the government can flip this fellow” for a reduced sentence. Napolitano asks, “Who else knew about this? Did any other members of Congress know about this? Gregory Meeks (D-NY) knew, he was also still paying Awan at least through May.

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