Napolitano Says Obama Could Spy Without A Warrant – Appoint Flynn As Leaks Or Surveillance Czar

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Judge Andrew Napolitano details the ability of both our current President and the previous imposter, Hussein Obama, to gain access to the private phone and other communications of any person in the United States. It seems that many of those involved with the Obama regime denials of involvement are lying. What a shocker that is.

Napolitano says, “Because of the unique interpretation of a Ronald Reagan executive order, 13222, and because of the language in the USA Freedom Act, the successor to much of the FISA law, NSA now has the ability to capture in real time the digital copies of everybody’s phone calls. Everybody, cell and landline, everybody’s keystroke, mobile device and desktop.”

He continues, “All digital information going over fiber optics, into the US, out of the US or within the US. NSA works for the President. If the President asks for a transcribed copy of any of that, they’ll give it to him. As well, the FISA statute says in it, ‘not withstanding all of the rules above and below.’ The President of the United States can order surveillance on any person in the United States in conjunction with a certificate or a certification filed by the Attorney General.”

Napolitano admits that it’s legal but not constitutional from his point of view, describing it as “profoundly unconstitutional but it is legal because the statute says it. So think about this, if you’re Barack Obama and you have the ability by making a phone call to hear what Donald Trump is saying, are you going to bother with trying to get a warrant? Why would you get the warrant?”

Judge Napolitano is asked if President Trump would be able to get the FISA orders from the secretive court with it being part of a separate branch of government. But they wouldn’t be the only possible source, noting, “He could get them from NSA, not from FISA. FISA is the judiciary, it’s a different branch of the government. But the NSA works for him, they’re in the military. Anything he orders, they’ll do.”

Based upon what Judge Napolitano said and observations of the disruption that is taking place, it seems obvious that someone needs to be tasked with cleaning up this mess. Why not bring General Flynn back from his premature departure and put him in charge of finding out what has been going on in this regard and prosecuting or at a minimum holding those responsible accountable to the American people?

Obama was infamous for creating the positions of czars as part of his dedication to larger, more burdensome government. President Trump can barely get his cabinet picks and their deputies through the Senate. Why not appoint czars, not subject to Senate confirmation, that may or may not later be promoted to those deputy positions, as interim officials or on a permanent basis?

President Trump could start with a Leaks Czar and a Surveillance Czar. Put General Flynn in one of them and turn him loose. Time is becoming critical; the enemy is formidable, we can’t continue like this.

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