Napolitano – Russia Story Clinton People Manipulating To Deny The Vote

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Neil Cavuto notes that one sore loser Congressman in Connecticut, Jim Hines, is encouraging all of the Electoral College electors to block Mr. Trump’s election. He’ll be appearing on his program tomorrow but they address other issues today, including the existence of two law suits by Electoral College Trump electors, one in Colorado and one in Washington State, who are challenging the requirements that they vote in accordance with the will of the people of their state.

Cavuto notes that the Democrats behind it all, with John Podesta acting as the pervy face of the campaign in this instance, advocating for a briefing for the electors in which the unfounded propaganda of the supposed Russian hacking can be disseminated among the electors in an attempt to effectively “poison the electorate” at the Electoral College level. How obvious is this?

Cavuto notes that there would be no information to indicate if the supposed hacking, which is in all likelihood a leak from within the Democrat Party, had any impact on the outcome.  He says, “Clearly the intent is to cast doubt in their minds as they vote.

Judge Napolitano says, “On this I share the President-elect’s view that much of this is not based in fact and it’s not based in evidence. It’s based in an emotional unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election. He says, “Look, the electors are supposed to vote for the person for whom they promised they would vote.”

Then he confuses the evidence, saying, “There is obviously evidence of serious hacking of Democrat Party work and Republican Party work.” There’s evidence of leaked Democrat Party content, no evidence it was obtained through a hack has been seen. There also are denials from RNC chairman Reince Priebus that any hacks took place in their systems, a fact he said is substantiated by an FBI review.

Napolitano says there is some evidence that the Russians were behind it, but that is also a generous interpretation of the anonymous statements. Napolitano says there are “16 known intelligence agencies in the United States, and God knows how many secret ones,” although those involved in the Russian hand-wringing are claiming 17, including Rep Elijah Cummings just a few days ago. He notes that the President-elect isn’t buying the partisan promotion of the story designed to challenge his victory.

Napolitano says, “The law does not guarantee a perfect election, it guarantees a fair election. There has been no evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that the hacking was a hacking of vote totals. It may have changed some voters’ attitudes about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but it didn’t change the outcome. There’s been no evidence of that whatsoever.”

Cavuto asks, “What if it did, after the electors meet and Donald Trump is sworn in?” The it has to be determined before next Monday, not after according to the Judge. “If it is discovered after the fact it would be too little too late.” He agrees that this whole charade  is being conducted in order to plant seeds of doubt by those who want to undermine the intellectual basis, the legal basis for his presidency because they voted for Hillary.”

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