Napolitano Put On Ice By Fox For Reporting British Intelligence Spied On Trump For Obama

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If you work for CNN, NBC, NYT or any of the mainstream media propagandists and base a story upon anonymous sources, three of them, which are credible, you’d be considered to have a reliable basis for  reporting the story. If you’re a conservative or worse, a libertarian, and you work for Fox you get put in the doghouse with a full bowl and water with a instructions to listen for the whistle, they’ll call you some day.

Andrew Napolitano has been too honest before, losing his own show on Fox after broadcasting his “What if you were silenced” video on his Freedom Watch program. Two other programs were cancelled at the same time, perhaps for cover, perhaps for ratings as the network claims.

Now he’s been put out to pasture for his report that cited three intelligence sources as having confirmed that British Intelligence, GCHQ, had done the dirty work for Obama. The report alleges they were spying on President Trump while he was still a candidate and after the election, secretly funneling Obama the info in order to keep him out of the loop of blame and scrutiny.

We all know about Obama’s legendary honesty, the story about him saying “I cannot tell a lie” and admitting he had chopped down the marijuana plant is just one example. He would never target political enemies and would never lie to the American people. If he says he didn’t spy on President Trump, we have to take him at this word.

The LA Times reported that people familiar with the situation [more anonymous sources but it’s a liberal paper so it’s fine], who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, said Judge Napolitano is not expected to be on  Fox airwaves any time soon. In  their report they fault Napolitano for saying the British “Government Communications Headquarters, ‘most likely’ provided Obama with transcripts of Trump’s recorded calls.” He also wrote in a column for, “By bypassing all American intelligence services, Obama would have had access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints.”

Of course it’s a difficult charge to prove, as the White House is finding out. Thats particularly true when the entire intelligence community is working against you, as well as the bulk of the media and the globalist ownership at Fox. Naturally, the British spy agency has denied the claims, saying they are “utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.” But it’s early, leaks happen, and they can happen to benefit the President as well.

Fox News did not respond to inquiries about Napolitano’s status Monday but the LA times noted that the judge was conspicuously absent from the network’s coverage of the confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. That is the type of event in which he typically would have played a significant role. He has not been on air since Thursday.

Judge Napolitano did not crawl into the doghouse with his tail between his legs. A statement he authored was read on Sunday’s “MediaBuzz” program in which Judge Napolitano defended his comments. He said he “reported what the sources told me, reported it accurately and I do believe the substance of what they told me.”

Interestingly, during Comey’s testimony on Monday in House Intelligence Committee hearings, he stated that Obama would never make such a request to GCHQ because it would be “expressly against the construct” of intelligence agreements between the U.S. and its allies.”

Tell us, Director Comey, why a criminal illegal alien who squatted for eight years in our White House, who tramples upon the Constitution every chance he gets, would care about an intelligence agreement between different factions of the White Infidel power structure. And how is it that you know what he would or would not do, what is taking place in the septic tank between his ears? Maybe it doesn’t matter, we know Democrats and their operatives will say or do anything as long as it benefits them politically.


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  1. fox your an idiot….i watch fox because of the judge…now i will not watch fox no more…what can one expect from a zionistjew station …nothing but sh*t

  2. John Burgos // March 22, 2017 at 10:46 am // Reply


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  4. Dr. Deplorable // March 21, 2017 at 9:44 pm // Reply

    As a Behavioral Specialist, I say Comey appears to be very distraught! Comey may be thinking suicide by the hands of the Clintons?

  5. Dr. Deplorable // March 21, 2017 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    Fire Comey ASAP, then investigate him! Bring Comey before a Grand Jury!

  6. This corruption stinks to high heaven.

    As the Australian aborigines would say, ‘Poor Fella, My Country’.

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