Napolitano – Obama Lied, Released Iranian Nuke Traffickers Who Belonged In Gitmo

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Steve Doocy opens the discussion, asking if we remember when Hussein Obama made one of his innumerable false promises, this one regarding the prisoners in the Iranian swap deal. Obama said, “These individuals were not charged with terrorism, or any violent offenses, they’re civilians and their release is a one-time gesture to Iran, given the unique opportunity offered by this moment in the larger circumstances at play.

He uses the words “not charged with terrorism” or any “violent” offenses in order to create the impression that they’re not dangerous or that their crimes are not serious. He asks us to let him make this one time, minor, insignificant offering to Iran to show them we’re good partners in his destructive, anti-American plotting.

Ainsley Earhardt, not one for mincing words, describes the pretend ‘president’s’ comments, saying, “That is really not true. That turns out, what he was just saying – a total lie, and they were a potential threat, these individuals, to national security. “

Brian Kilmeade asks the rhetorical question as he introduced Judge Andrew Napolitano, “So how did the previous administration get away with this?” The answer is simple, a complicit and corrupt Congress working with the treasonous political establishment.

Kilmeade isn’t as direct as Earhardt, asking, “Are we overstating when we say the ‘president’ was not being forthright in that statement?” Napolitano replies, “We are not overstating it at all. These were not civilians who were arrested for political crimes, this is his own Justice Department, the Obama Justice Department, characterized these people as serious terrorists who had supplied materials, equipment to terrorist organizations in the Middle East and who had supplied nuclear components to Iran.”

Napolitano says, “These were serious prosecutions with a tremendous amount of evidence against these people. The next day they were gone. The prosecutors suddenly learned that the defendants that they were prosecuting were out of federal prison and back in Iran.

Napolitano raises a Hillary Clinton connection to when she was Secretary of State, and was facilitating American dealers to deliver arms through a circuitous route, not directly, that ended up in the hands of what she called ‘militias’ and what the CIA told her were terrorist organizations on the ground in Libya.

Napolitano points out, “And one of those guys was prosecuted in the US and when his lawyers threatened to call Mrs. Clinton as [a witness] as defense counsel, the Justice Department dismissed the indictment. “

Napolitano says, “This is all connected, this is all part of the gross mismanagement, irresponsible defense of the nation’s national security by the Obama administration, now recognized by some people still in the Justice Department, who are pulling their hair out that this happened under their noses.”

Napolitano says that Obama “materially misled the American public and probably the Congress as well.” Of course he did, Judge, he was lying the day he submitted his application to run for president and has been every day since then and Congress knew it or damn well should have. They let this crooked communist trash roam free inside our government doing as he pleased for eight years knowing very well the kind of threat, crook, traitor and foreign agent he was. Nobody should be surprised.

Earhardt makes the point that “this information was not supposed to be released” and wouldn’t have ever been found out if Clinton had been elected. Both Obama and Clinton need to be arrested and charged immediately and held without bail, just in case they start getting itchy feet, and thinking about extradition-free French Polynesia.

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2 Comments on Napolitano – Obama Lied, Released Iranian Nuke Traffickers Who Belonged In Gitmo

  1. Neither of them will ever be punished, punto!

  2. “…..a complicit and corrupt Congress working with the treasonous political establishment.”

    This has been the problem for longer than we can remember. It has been on steroids for the last few decades and I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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