Napolitano – Likely Manafort Indictment Is Mueller Manipulating Law To Take Down A President

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Judge Andrew Napolitano gives his perspective on the possibility that establishment tool of corruption, dirty cop Robert Mueller, may be able to get his hooks into Paul Manafort and manipulate him into some way that the witch hunt can use him to go after President Trump.

An almost giddy She-pard Smith asks Judge Napolitano for his thoughts on “the larger Manafort issue and what it means to the Trump administration as a whole. Judge Napolitano says, “I think it’s perilous for the President if Manafort is indicted.”

He points out, “The standard M.O. of federal prosecutors, when they are after a so-called ‘big fish,’ is to indict people in the circle of that person, even on unrelated matters, with whatever the indictment of Manafort is likely to be and I think one is likely coming and may have nothing to do with the President and nothing to do with Russia.”

He continues, “Doesn’t matter. They will be holding this sword over his head and will use it as an instrument with which to try and flip him into becoming one of their own witnesses against the President.”

“And they have other potential targets for that as well,” notes Napolitano, “so I think this is very significant.” Smith asks who might be some of the others, with Judge Napolitano naming Jared Kushner and his real estate dealings in New Jersey as being under very heavy scrutiny. He also points to the witch hunt’s efforts against General Flynn.”

Napolitano illustrates how they might offer a reduced sentence or even force immunity upon the uncooperative witness in order to force testimony that they are seeking.

Smith points out that the FBI, when raiding the Manafort home, picked the lock so that they could get to his bedroom door undiscovered, to prevent him, apparently, from being able to make documents unavailable to their seizure.

Napolitano says, “For a judge to sign a search warrant permitting a pre-dawn raid without a knock, where the defendant is not a violent person, I’m not talking about a drug dealer here, and where the defendant has a lawyer who is himself a former Justice Department official, cooperating, means that the FBI satisfied the judge that they believed that Manafort was untrustworthy and would likely destroy evidence.”

Judge Napolitano leaves out the extenuating circumstances, that this is an effort to remove the President by the establishment deep state, and we’ve already seen they’ll go to the complete fabrication of a case involving the intelligence agencies and both Congressional Intelligence committees and the FBI in order to do so.

There’s nothing they won’t do. To assign legitimacy to the case by virtue of the fact that a judge took extraordinary liberties with his authority and the rights of Mr. Manafort might be a bit generous. They’ll do whatever it takes to preserve their power and this entire charade is evidence of that. This is just the next step in their deliberate, protracted campaign to create a basis for the shadow government to nullify the vote of the people.

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4 Comments on Napolitano – Likely Manafort Indictment Is Mueller Manipulating Law To Take Down A President


  2. If wishing and praying count for anything, Mueller won’t be around long. He’s proven he’s a traitor to the country, a traitor to our president and a traitor to the people. God should give him a great big heart attack.

  3. If Trump is not in on the takeover then he is certainly not fighting back. I saw a headline about Bannon, and I can’t remember who else, are going to do some Nationalist rallies. If true maybe he and some others are gathering a grass roots base to take back the country.

    Trump showed that patriotism, America first, can overcome the globalist destruction, and hopefully it’s the beginning of a new movement.

  4. I don’t understand why nothing has been done about Mueller, everyone knows he’s not qualified to continue this witch hunt. Where are the Presidents attorneys? I don’t understand why Mueller has so much power, especially when he himself should be under investigation, what’s going on?

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