Napolitano Infuriated – Dirty Little SECRET Why SESSIONS DOJ Protecting LYNCH

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Judge Andrew Napolitano is furious about a Justice Department cover up that has taken place under the Trump administration. Stuart Varney begins the discussion by noting that the former attorney general in the Hussein Obama administration, Loretta Lynch, used an alias to disguise her identity in a sort of cloak and dagger, James Bond style of hiding who she was on communications.

Eric Holder, her predecessor, initiated the deceptive practice. He went by the name of Lew Alcindor, the birth name of Muslim NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to hide who was behind his correspondence. Lynch also chose an actual name of an real person for her secret identity, not a code name such as “ham hocks” that would be easily recognizable as a pseudonym.

She used the name of her grandmother, Elizabeth Carlisle, a name that would not trigger anyone’s curiosity, to shield her identity. We know Hussein Obama also used an email pseudonym when he was communicating with Hillary Clinton on her illegal server, though his entire persona is a series of fabrications, creating a huge false identity and deception.

Varney notes that Lynch corresponded using her false identity during the period of time in which she and others inside the DOJ and Obama regime were scrambling after she was discovered meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac. He asks Judge Andrew Napolitano, “Why would she use an alias if she’s got nothing to hide?”

Nobody said she’s got nothing to hide, although the question is a rhetorical one, with Napolitano replying, “I really don’t know. You’d really have to ask her. I doubt we’re going to get the opportunity to do so.”

He says, “There is nothing illegal or nothing unethical about using the alias, but it is odd and it does raise the intent. Now she did tell the Freedom of Information Act people that she used the alias.” He then shows what was turned over. When those emails from “Elizabeth Carlisle” were produced, they were in the form of worthless, completely redacted, white sheets of paper with large black squares blocking out the text.

Napolitano asks, “Who did the blacking out?” He answers his own question, saying, “the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. That’s what has me infuriated. I would have expected the Obama Justice Department trying to protect its attorney general. But if she did something untoward with Bill Clinton and she apparently did, we have the right to know about it.”

Varney says, “No wonder the President is angry at Jeff Sessions.” Judge Napolitano responds, “I don’t know if the President is aware of this kind of blacking out but this is a violation of the public policy that requires transparency.”

The miffed Napolitano asks, “Why is it that the present administration wants to protect its predecessor? So it’s successor, the Justice Department of president whoever, fill in the blank, won’t come after it. That’s the dirty little secret of the Justice Department and it’s condemnable. We have the right to know what’s going on and people that break the law should be prosecuted no matter whether they’re the predecessor or the present Justice Department.”


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15 Comments on Napolitano Infuriated – Dirty Little SECRET Why SESSIONS DOJ Protecting LYNCH

  1. Maybe. President Trump should take a better look at his AG and say those familiar words ” Your Fired ” Sessions can’t be trusted !

  2. NHConstitutionalist // August 11, 2017 at 5:53 am // Reply

    If Sessions is dragging his feet there is a plausible answer. He’s got manure in them up to his belt and he doesn’t want his ass*ter exposed. He isn’t nearly as squeaky clean as he is lauded to be. Just look at who he wanted for his Asst. AG Rosenstein, an Obama LEFT over. Roenstein is in tight with Comey and Comey is in as tight as a 2 sizes too small pair of tighty whities with Muller. Muller was Hillary’s attorney, which puts them all in the same manure pile with the Clinton crime cartel. Just follow the road apples that leads to Hillary’s stable.

  3. Catherine Piscitello // August 11, 2017 at 4:42 am // Reply

    I believe now this Meuller special prosecution front, and its’ large gathering of H.C. attorneys’ is the assembled to negotiate a deal for Cl inton. Think about it, all of her attorneys together; a group familiar with her crimes and would be able to collaborate a scheme;coup to get her off using THE TAXPAYERS MONEY TO FUND IT. We have a group of people whom worked for Obama, Clinton, going back years. Probably, and possibly involved in Lawless activities and what a perfect opportunity to continue this Russia scenario, going through everyone Trump has ever know or done business with a perfect cover for what they are trying to achieve. I say NEVER LET HER OFF. HER CRIMES GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING. HOW SHE HAS MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT BEING INDICTED IS STUNNING. ESPECIALLY, WHEN YOU THINK OF HOW MANY PEOPLE; POLITICIANS EX POLITICIANS, AND OTHERS INVOLVED IN ALL OF THE CRIMES SHE HAS COMMITTED, THAT SEEM APPARENT AND PROVEN. WHAT PLANET AM I LIVING ON. NOW SHE HAS A DAUGHTER AND SON IN LAW FOLLOWING IN HER FOOTSTEPS. This woman has got to be STOPPED!!!!AND I think J.Sessions has been working quietly behind the scenes on many issues and as stated by him; working on Sex Trafficking and Sanctuary Cities. Part of the Trump/Sessions strategy. what do you think??

  4. Alton is RIGHT ON.
    and i have been saying this for years now.
    as i’ve also said for many years now and History backs me up.
    and if anyone here doubts this? just check HISTORY.

  5. They need to fire all Obama workers from DOJ. Bet it wasn’t Sessions that redacted.

  6. Alton Robinson // August 9, 2017 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    I’ve said for many years that the people in dc protect their own, not talking about a party but referring to the career politician. They are all afraid if they prosecute one of the elite then they will have to worry about the same happening to them.

  7. Sessions isn’t the man I thought he was, just another snake. I said all along it was taking too long for Sessions to arrest these criminals!!!


  9. TONYA PARNELL // August 9, 2017 at 9:43 am // Reply

    No more Communist/Socialist and Mud slime Dem o rats.

  10. Kelleigh Nelson // August 9, 2017 at 8:45 am // Reply

    This makes absolutely no sense, does it. Is Jeff Sessions part of the establishment swamp, or is he a man of his word and a solid employee of Donald J. Trump. If it’s the latter, then let us know the truth!

    • There’s a piece to the puzzle that we aren’t seeing, maybe many pieces and we may not like some of them. If there’s a gentleman’s agreement as Judge Nap indicates, that agreement needs to end with prosecutions now.

  11. Only fruit fly maggots eat their own. Other maggots and politicians protect one another.

  12. What is Jeff Seessions hiding? He appears to be doing a decent job while he is NOT doing the job required of him. And hiding secrets is a sure sign of guilt! Can it be that he is protecting someone? Someone HUGE?? Obama, Hillary, Lynch, etc.? So where is the Justice Department?? I think it left for Russia.

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