Napolitano – Why No Probe of FBI Cover Up and Clinton Russia Uranium Bribes

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David Asman calls the report shocking, although no news of corruption coming out of the DC Swamp shocks anyone anymore. It’s rotten to the core, and we know it. Shocking news would be along the lines that a trace of integrity remains in either the DOJ or FBI, particularly in their leadership.

Asman cites a report from The Hill which states “That the Obama administration approved of a Russian of about 25% of all US uranium reserves even though the FBI had warned of massive bribes, kickbacks and elements of extortion.”

He follows that up with the involvement of “the untouchable” Hillary Clinton, saying, “There were also serious questions raised about Russian-related donations to the Clinton Foundation from individuals working on the uranium deal at a time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano joins him to discuss the issue, noting that some of it has been previously reported and ignored by the FBI, Peter Schweizer’s writings in particular. “But we didn’t know,” says Asman, “that the FBI had put together this massive amount of evidence of bribes, extortion, let me just quote one of the sources for The Hill.”

Asman continues, “They say, ‘The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks, extortion threats, all of which raise legitimate national security concerns and none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions.’ That’s quite an oversight.”

Napolitano says, “It is remarkable, not that the Obama administration didn’t indict anybody, but that the Trump administration is sitting on this material as well. It’s the same Justice Department.”

He says, “The evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s personal complicity in soliciting donations into the millions for the Clinton Foundation in return for permitting the Russian ownership of American uranium interest in the United States, which can only happen with the personal permission of the Secretary of State is overwhelming. Why was she not pursued on this?”

Asman says the big question for him is why the Obama regime allowed the deal to go forward knowing what was in this FBI report. Judge Napolitano replies, “Well we don’t know if Barack Obama and his folks who made these decisions in the West Wing knew what was in the FBI Report.”

Asman interjects, “Why would the FBI not insist that they know about it?” Napolitano explains, “It’s the same FBI and Justice Department that gave Hillary Clinton a pass on the email scandal, where the evidence to obtain an indictment and a conviction, the evidence of guilt, was overwhelming.”

Making a point that he’s been quite naive about who and what the Democrats and the Obama regime were and are, Asman is beside himself in stating how shocked he was to learn that everything is true and the FBI covered it up. They’ve covered up everything Democrats have done for years, this is what they do. The prosecute the common man and cover up and ignore the much more heinous transgressions of their elite comrades.

Napolitano asks Deputy AG Rosenstein and AG Jeff Sessions, both of whom are undoubtedly also engaged in the cover ups at DOJ, “Why isn’t this being pursued now. The evidence is not stale, the path has not run cold, the statute of limitations has not yet expired.”

Judge Napolitano is no dummy. He already knows the answer to that question. He’s just putting a little heat where some huge fires need to be lit.

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3 Comments on Napolitano – Why No Probe of FBI Cover Up and Clinton Russia Uranium Bribes

  1. As long as the “masters of us” are in charge, we will never see true justice.

  2. if ANY justice is to ever be DONE?? it will have to COME BY WE THE FED UP REAL PATRIOT AMERICANS.

  3. “The American people can not even hire a DC Outsider, As President Of The Untied States, to find out answers to this and many, many more troubling unanswered questions?”

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