Napolitano – Deep State Spy Agencies Engaged In Sabotage, Attacks On President Trump

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In setting up his question, Stuart Varney describes one of the problems that they will be discussing as “leaks from the federal bureaucracy, which are illegal and what amount in my opinion to sabotage of the administration.” Judge Napolitano replies, “Well, I agree with you about the sabotage but I don’t think it comes from the federal bureaucracy. I think it comes from the ‘deep state.’ I think it comes from that part of the intelligence community which stays in power no matter who runs the CIA, who runs the [DIA], who runs the Congress and who runs the White House.”

Judge Napolitano points out, “Mike Flynn, before he left the military, General Flynn was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He knows, with absolute certainty, that every conversation that the Russian Foreign Minister has with an American is going to be recorded by American spies. He knew that his conversations would be listened to. But he did not know that some of the spies listening to him hate his boss and wanted to harm his boss by leaking transcripts.”

Napolitano says that whoever did it will never be prosecuted for it, saying “it’s the same people who leaked the nonsense about Donald Trump in a hotel in Moscow. They know how to leak, they are professional spies, they are professional leakers, their fingerprints appear nowhere.”

Judge Napolitano asks, “Did Mike Flynn get fired for telling a white lie to Mike Pence? Absolutely not. He got fired because he was a threat to the intelligence community that he and President Trump are preparing to shake up. And you see Trump’s preparations as recently as two minutes ago, with the tweet that you just read.” Varney notes that there have been a series of tweets that morning, to which Napolitano agrees, saying, “Every one of them has been, ‘don’t get in my face,’ and he means the entities that he doesn’t want to get into his face.”

Napolitano names those entities, starting with the NSA, which he points out “has the ability to listen in real time to every conversation we have. The FBI, which has its own intelligence people, the Defense Department, which has its own intelligence people. Theoretically they all work for him and they are attacking him.”

In disbelief Varney says, “This is sabotage from inside the intelligence community of the Trump administration, to get rid of General Flynn, he was kind of scapegoated here, he was an easy target.” Judge Napolitano agrees with a series of “Yes” responses, noting that the actions are an attack on the President and that what we’ve seen to this point is a “pinprick.”

Napolitano says, “The President, in my opinion, is aware of this and has the personal courage and strength to address it and not be moved by it.” Varney notes that Trump is going to have to walk through a firestorm, with Napolitano agreeing and lamenting that he lost a valuable asset in General Flynn. He notes that Flynn, “as a former spy himself, General Flynn knows these people and he knows how they operate. And now he’s gone.”

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2 Comments on Napolitano – Deep State Spy Agencies Engaged In Sabotage, Attacks On President Trump

  1. Maybe Flynn is ‘out’ to stay inside and report who the leakers are. I still say, purge the old and bring in new blood who are not democrat traitors to our president and country. I know why they hate, I just don’t understand how they can hate to the point of destroying our country.

  2. Rat Mongoose // February 16, 2017 at 2:42 pm // Reply

    Democrat Traitors are at work. Trump always acts in the interests of the U.S. He has appointed the most competent and accomplished individuals, irrespective of wealth, race, or creed.. To criticize someone for their wealth is an ad hominem attack, logical error, and a sign of a weak intellect. Gen. Flynn did nothing criminal or in any way wrong. He too was acting in the interests of the U.S. Conversely, leaks of Top Secret information are a serious felony.
    Obama and the Democrats have proved, again, that they are a criminal racketeering enterprise. This time, Democrats have released Top Secret communications in an effort to aid enemies of the United States. This is a serious felony and attack on U.S. security. Attorney General Sessions should prosecute the traitors ASAP. This could be Obama’s “Watergate” scandal. Except that Obama makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

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