Napolitano, Crook Who Created DACA, Sues To Force Trump To Continue Law Breaking

napolitano daca trump sues

Janet Napolitano should just be thankful that, along with the rest of the criminals who were assaulting our nation under Obama, she’s not being prosecuted. She should just “dummy up” and go back to perverting the minds of young “global citizens” in California.

Instead, the “It” that wrote the 2012 memo that was treated by the open borders globalists as if it was a piece of legislation passed by Congress and signed by a real president, is suing President Trump.

Napolitano filed a lawsuit on Friday protesting the phase out of DACA by the administration, declaring that it is being done by executive whim. Maybe he should have just had his DHS Secretary write a memo. Then they could treat it as if it were a law.

It’s not legal to begin with, Napolitano, who was DHS Secretary under Obama, should be the one targeted by legal action, charged criminally for a variety of immigration offenses that includes DACA dereliction of duty.

There is no obligation on the part of a law and order President to continue to allow lawbreaking to take place just because it was there when he stepped into the office. He’s actually supposed to clean up the mess that he inherited. Once again, he should have done it on day one as promised, taken the hit and moved on.

Since a court was forcing his hand, with a ruling imminent, and he had waited and mulled the possible courses of action until the last minute it’s difficult to see how Napolitano rationalizes her claims. Had he not acted as he did, which upset many in his base, the program would have ended earlier in the states lawsuit. Remember, Napolitano, what you did was against the law and the normal states that aren’t like California weren’t having any part of it.

Now, as president of the University of California indoctrination and reeducation system, Napolitano is demanding the program be reinstated. If essence she’s demanding that a court force President Trump to violate the law as she did and Jihadi Jeh Johnson did.

As if there aren’t enough students to fill their classes, to replace the DACA anchor babies, and student loans aren’t available to citizens, Napolitano complained the UC will lose money and be unable to indoctrinate 4,000 foreigners. She’s also hired illegals and is concerned about having to cut some of them loose and being forced to replace them with those undesirable Americans.

Napolitano said, “We really support our DACA students and part of the reason we’re filing this lawsuit it to help protect their rights,” Ms. Napolitano said. They’re illegals, Napolitano, you are attempting to protect illegitimate privileges, not rights.

Napolitano said President Trump failed to provide a good legal basis for the phase-out, and said he needed to go through the normal rule-making process to revoke the policy — a policy Napolitano bypassed when creating the illegal DACA amnesty.

In a telephone call with reporters on Friday, Napolitano twisted and created her own version of reality, stating that even though DAPA was ruled illegal, she believes DACA is different enough that it would survive a legal challenge. That view is not held by many legal analysts.

Napolitano excused her side-stepping of the rule-making process for DACA, saying she had only intended to set up a case-by-case processing of applications. Apparently we are to believe the program somehow just exploded on its own beyond her control.

She said in canceling the entire program categorically, Mr. Trump’s decision meets that fundamental legal standard of “bigger,” and so it needed to go through the rules process. It’s an argument that isn’t likely to fly. The courts that struck down the DAPA program cited the lack of rule-making as one of the reasons DAPA was illegal. And they used DACA’s operations as a model for ruling DAPA illegal.

Ms. Napolitano said they are asking the courts to immediately halt the phase-out of the DACA program.

Her lawsuit is the latest in a rash of legal challenges this week. A number of open border Democrat states have also sued, arguing the elimination of DACA is unconstitutional because most DACA recipients are Mexican. Once again America has a problem with too many Mexicans, not enough Irish.

Napolitano isn’t attempting to claim discrimination on national origin but she is claiming that preventing her from breaking the law by educating illegals violates the University’s due process rights because they’ll lose the contributions of illegals to their system.

We’re there, America. Right is wrong; up is down.


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7 Comments on Napolitano, Crook Who Created DACA, Sues To Force Trump To Continue Law Breaking

  1. It’s interesting that Rick chose to say “We’re there, America. Right is wrong; up is down.” in his description of where America is “at” societally. It is similar to a passage of scripture that I quote from time to time where the Apostle Paul describes those who refuse correction and who God has “…given over to reprobate minds” which in essence means the same as “right is wrong and up is down”. well said, Rick, kudos to you.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // September 9, 2017 at 8:01 am // Reply

    DUMB QUESTION-I would like to know if she is related to Judge Napolitano. I have never read one way or the other. SHE NEEDS JAIL TIME.

    • No Tonya, she’s not – I heard it straight from the judge’s mouth when he referred to himself as the “good Napolitano” and stated there was no relation.

  3. Alton Robinson // September 9, 2017 at 7:29 am // Reply

    Well she will probably win what with all the liberal law breaking one world order judges we now have.
    The law and what is right and legal is what liberals say they are.

  4. Napolitano is a scheming law-breaker indoctrinated by the greatest law-breaker of all time, Obama. You’re absolutely right on all points, Rick. This UC creep should be disbarred, arrested and put down like the low dog she is.

  5. We truly are in good is evil and evil is good world. While there are a lot of good ones, the rules and control is being handled by the “masters” of “good is evil and evil is good”.

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