Napolitano Warns Bannon He’s Walking Into a Mueller Perjury Trap

Judge Andrew Napolitano cautions Steve Bannon to be careful. Mueller is setting another perjury trap just like he did to nab Papadopoulos and Flynn and he is walking right into it

judge napolitano bannon mueller

Judge Andrew Napolitano warns that grand inquisitor Robert Mueller and his shadow government masters may be ushering Steve Bannon into a perjury situation similar to those that entrapped George Papadopoulos and General Michael Flynn.

Bannon has agreed to meet with Mueller in what the host John Scott erroneously refers to as “the Russia investigation.” Their witch hunt has nothing to do with Russia is simply a “Get Trump and his circle” abuse of power. Bannon is able to avoid appearing before a grand jury by meeting with Mueller’s anti-Trump jihadists.

Scott asks, “We’re dealing with hearsay and leaks, right?” Napolitano replies, “We are, and I’m very frustrated, as are most of us that watch this for a living because democracy dies in darkness and when we don’t know what happened, we have leaks from Democrats who say this happened and leaks from Republicans who say that happened, it’s tough to piecemeal exactly what did occur.”

He says what happened yesterday with Steve Bannon is very unusual in that Bannon agreed to come voluntarily but then refused to answer their questions once he was in the room. “The House then served him with a subpoena and attempted to compel the testimony immediate,” says Napolitano.

That didn’t work out so well for Schiff and his fellow Democrat subversives as Bannon then has ten days to prepare for the testimony or challenge the subpoena. Napolitano says, “Translation, he’ll be back in ten days and will be compelled to answer questions under oath.”

Napolitano says Bannon, through President Trump, can claim executive privilege in instances where diplomatic secrets, military secrets or sensitive national security matters are involved. “The committee is asking him about conversations that occurred during the campaign and the transition, when Donald Trump wasn’t the President, so there is no privilege.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

He continues, “And they’re also asking him about the firing of Jim Comey after Trump was President and that’s not covered by military, diplomatic or sensitive national security.” Napolitano says that, “When there is a dispute this goes to a judge in secret, again, and a judge decides” whether Bannon must answer any particular question.

Napolitano warns, “This is a very dangerous environment for Steve Bannon,” noting that Papadopoulos and Flynn walked into a perjury trap. “That’s where the government asks you a series of questions, almost to guarantee that you will answer falsely, because the government knows a lot more about the case than you know they know.”

Scott asks, “What if he just says ‘I don’t recall’?” Napolitano replies that “It is unlikely he could be charged with any crime if that is a true and accurate representation of his mind and if it’s not there really would be no way for the government to find out unless he walks out into the hallway and says, ‘Ah ha, I really do recall.'”

Asked who’s running the show, the Intelligence Committee, Mueller or someone else, Napolitano says that ‘s a great question. “Mueller subpoenaed Steve Bannon right at the time that he was appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, because a prosecutor does not want a potential witness testifying in a forum that he doesn’t control.”

Napolitano adds, “So Bob Mueller is running the show and for some reason Steve Bannon’s lawyers are negotiating with Bob Mueller and have agreed to produce him, against the learned advice of – Never talk to a guy that owns a grand jury, they’ll trap you.”

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