Napolitano – “9th Circuit Intellectually Dishonest,” Usurped President, Trampled Constitution

9th circuit vs america


It’s difficult to imagine a case which would be any more clear cut than this one, and more difficult to assign any motivation to the anti-American actions of the courts other than a desire to harm America in collusion with their pro-Islamist, global allies who are behind the invasions. They orchestrated demonstrations, enlisted the Soros-backed ACLU and then put their corrupt Democrat state officials and wholly purchased kangaroo courts to work. This is a takeover of the office of president by the Marxist left in total violation of the Constitution, the beginning of that conquest from within we’ve been warned was coming.

In voicing his opinion on the ruling by the extreme liberals in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Napolitano doesn’t pull any punches. In an interview by phone with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Napolitano says, “It’s precisely the wrong thing for the court to do, Chris, when you have the following observations which are beyond dispute. The Constitution assigns the decision making for foreign policy exclusively to the President, even Congress has a subordinate role, subordinated to confirming ambassadors and ratifying treaties and paying for the State Department.”

He says, “The President has a lot of tools that the Congress has given him. One of the tools is the statute that he read yesterday, which we’ve all been talking about, which was exercised by President Carter and by ‘president’ Obama, a blanket ban on immigrants from given places. The statute specifically says ‘the President on his own by proclamation,’ meaning he doesn’t have to consult with anybody else, ‘can make this decision.’ The decision to ban is not reviewable, it’s not justiciable, judges are incapable of second-guessing the President on it.”

Napolitano continues, “So for that reason he may have been thinking, the Supreme Court is going to invalidate this. I don’t know which way the Supreme Court’s going to go and I don’t know which court he had in mind. But this is an intellectually dishonest piece of work that the 9th Circuit has produced tonight because it essentially consists of substituting the judgment of three judges for the President of the United States, when the Constitution unambiguously gives this area of jurisdiction, foreign policy, exclusively to the President. He says this ruling is so profoundly wrong because it is judges awarding themselves the right to interfere in an area the Constitution clearly authority for exclusively to the President.

Napolitano says that the 47 different lawsuits, each in a different United States District Court across the country could be consolidated by Chief Justice Roberts into one, with the choice of the location of the hearing to be determined by him. He says, “We’re really in untested, untried virginal territory, with a highly politicized circuit court of appeals that assumed the powers of the presidency by second guessing him and overruling him.”

Judge Napolitano believes that even on an expedited basis the shortest period of time one could expect a hearing to take would be a couple of weeks. He confesses that he expected the 9th circuit to send it back to judge Robart to finish his work, and tell him to provide more documentation, noting that he issued the injunction after only fifteen minutes. Instead, the liberals seized upon the fabricated opportunity, and usurped the power of the President.

It makes sense from the perspective of the corrupt judiciary, that Robart would only hear the case for fifteen minutes and provided nothing in the way of documentation. The longer the hearing went on and the more evidence that was presented, the more difficult it became for Robart to violate the law and the Constitution. He couldn’t provide evidence to support his action because no such evidence exists. No logical reasoning exists either.

President Trump isn’t going to allow this to stand. There’s more to this than meets the eye. This is a Constitutional crisis in the making. Disciplinary action, disbarment or perhaps imprisonment is what should await these traitors in black robes. We’ll see what President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are able to cook up. This surely is just the beginning.

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