NAACP Racists Stage Anti-Sessions Sit-In, Dems Fear Honest, Patriotic AG

naacp racists sit in


Democrats have clearly identified Senator Jeff Sessions as the biggest threat to their agenda of corruption and lawlessness, making him their prime target for efforts to derail his nomination to be Attorney General of the United States. They are afraid not only for the future of their anti-American agenda and lawless abuse of power, but they’re afraid he’s going to start locking up the guilty. That’s an awful lot of Democrats, likely most of their leadership and certainly key individuals such as Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, Jihadi Jeh Johnson and John Kerry. Nowhere is the corruption more intrinsic than at DHS under Jihadi Jeh Johnson, and the State Department under both Kerry and Clinton.

Just as Clinton was fighting to stay out of prison as much as she was fighting to win an election, the Democrats are similarly fighting to keep a law and order statesman out of the office of Attorney General, now badly tainted by eight years of corruption. Even the low level insiders were likely caught up in the top-down corruption of Holder and Lynch at DOJ. They, as with every other cabinet department that was run in a similarly lawless manner, will be all too willing to supply information about the corruption in order to avoid prosecution.

The falsified claims of racism against Senator Sessions are transparently false, made by career Democrat race-baiting attorneys and nothing more than a smear campaign. The racists at the NAACP, who took offense with Sessions calling them out as the racists that they are decades ago, are making his point for him, staging a racist sit-in in his office.

The office and building staff allow them to act like the asses that they are for a while, but the end of the workday forced their hands. The NAACP gnats were given the opportunity to leave on their own but they didn’t sit on the floor all day for that. They came to create a confrontation, as they often do, in the Saul Alinsky rules for radicals model for communist agitation.

They got what they wanted, they were arrested and should be charged with criminal trespass and forced to serve time in jail. They likely won’t be because of the cowardly white people who reward this kind of misbehavior with submission, thereby encouraging and empowering them to repeat the behavior. It works so why wouldn’t they?

Senator Sessions is a good man who is standing up for the American people of every race in the face of the Democrat invasion. These NAACP tools are traitors to their nation and to their race, helping to put Americans, many of them low wage black Americans, in order to advance a political agenda. The NAACP is by definition a racist organization. They’re demonstrating they’re also traitors who have been bought and paid for by the Democrat political establishment.

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