NAACP Brooks Meltdown At Idea Of Congressional White Caucus Like Black One

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April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, asked a typical gotcha question of President Trump in Thursday’s press conference, one that the butt-hurt racist leader of the NAACP, Cornell Brooks would later seize upon as being a validation of charges that President Trump is a racist.

Ryan asked President Trump if he would include the CBC in discussions about his agenda for addressing urban policy “and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as well as …?”

President Trump responded, “Well, I would, Tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours? Set up a meeting.” She declined to set up a meeting but that was all the that the race-baiters needed to hear to draw out their race cards and start asking for a game.

That’s where NAACP President Brooks, who was naturally excited over the exchange and the opportunity to criticize the President, jumped into the sack with Anderson Cooper, bringing in Jeffrey Lord to argue the cracker side of the debate.

Brooks, who, as NAACP President, is all about race, all the time, describes Ryan as a veteran African American reporter, once again, playing his race card in describing her not as a veteran reporter, but by race, it’s always about race. He says that President Trump wanted the hag bag race-baiting reporter to be his scheduler and secretary, which was not true.

He’d probably hate for the argumentative Ryan, who earlier in the day got into a disagreement with Omarosa Manigault near the Oval Office, to be his secretary. He moves fast and it’s doubtful she could keep up and race-bait at the same time. She probably couldn’t keep up even if there were a time she wasn’t preoccupied in such a manner. Fortunately for Omarosa, she’s black also or Brooks would have tried to create a trend or pattern and accused her of racism.

As Brooks is laying down the first of his race cards, berating Trump for daring to suggest to Ryan that she schedule the meeting, saying he’s both racist and sexist for doing so, Jeffrey Lord makes a statement that simultaneously knocks the chip off of both of Brooks’ shoulders.

He tells Brooks that he doesn’t believe there should be any racism based caucuses in the House of Representatives. He makes the point that most honest American have asked themselves, why it’s okay for blacks and Hispanics to be racists and are allowed special organization to advance them based upon race but whites doing the same thing are actually labeled as racists.

Lord asks the NAACP race-baiter if he’d be okay with a Congressional White Caucus if David Duke ran for and won a seat. That’s all it takes to get the steam coming out his ears, in a manner that’s actually pretty funny. He can dish it out but nobody had better even make a reasonable argument that he’s a bigot or even hint that the policies he promotes are bigoted.

That’s not what Lord was saying, but it should have been. Brooks represents the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How much more obviously racist could he or they be?

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3 Comments on NAACP Brooks Meltdown At Idea Of Congressional White Caucus Like Black One

  1. What if we had an organization that solicited donations for WHITE COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES, “because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Since a mind is not a terrible thing, should they not have said, “it is terrible to waste a mind.” Who writes this racist stuff anyway?

  2. I find it amusing that Brooks, the NAACP & KKK have a symbiotic relationship with racism. It is not in their best interest or any other racist based organizations for racism to EVER go away. It is much like big pharmaceutical companies have a self-interested need to produce drugs that treat the symptoms of a disease. Curing a disease eliminates the need for customers to buy their products.

  3. That is the question that all Americans need to be asked: “Why it’s okay for blacks and Hispanics to be racists?” And why are they allowed special organization(s) to advance them based upon their race…but, if whites did the same thing, whites would absolutely be labeled as racists?” It is both racist, bigoted and hypocritical to think that there should be race-based caucuses in the House of Representatives; and not also permit one for ‘whites’.

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