NAACP Attacks Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones For Stopping Anti-America Agitation

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), probably the most high profile racial supremacy organization in the world, is firing back at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for setting workplace rules about conduct at the workplace by his hired employees, NFL players.

The conduct that he is restricting, the race-baiting kneeling, sitting and other black supremacy gestures such as a raised fist, is damaging his business and alienating fans. The skin-color agitators of the NAACP may not like it, but he has every right to demand that they meet conduct standards that he sets. He also has a responsibility to himself and his business to try to stop its tanking popularity.

In utilizing their typical extortion-tinged, threatening, intimidation tactics, the NAACP-remicist interim president and CEO, Derrick Johnson offered up their unfounded faux-position. He said, “This is not an issue about our flag, this is an issue about police brutality, racism, and the ability of members of the NFL whose communities are disproportionately impacted by police misconduct to peacefully say enough.”

No, they’re attacking our flag to make their statement, so it’s about the flag. It’s also about the fans of the game he and the overpaid goons have hijacked being held hostage, that game being destroyed and the owners’ ability to belatedly say, enough. Derrick Johnson continued with his propaganda, saying, “This is not simply a black issue due to the number of white people also killed by police, but we know historically that when justice occurs for African Americans, all other members of our society benefit as well.”

Don’t look for cover by getting white folks mixed up in your divisive attacks on our country. The black players own this one, as do the black players in the NBA. But for those with caked dung blocking their ear canals, who are tone deaf to what is obvious to the rest of America, we also support our police.  We don’t appreciate you insulting our national symbols to take your self-serving pot shots at them either.  

Imagine how long you’d last, CEO Johnson, at the NAACP, if you started every day with a minute or so of silence, standing in front of your desk wearing a Klansman hood with your arm outstretched, palm down. That would be your right, according to you, but the NAACP would soon have two positions they’re looking to fill, not just one. And you’d have your days free to pal around with Colin Kaepernick at his mansion and talk about being oppressed. Your employer’s rights supersede yours on the job.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones only responded when it became clear the thugs under his employ were costing him money. And he is only one out of two owners who have acted out of a league of thirty teams. His long overdue message regarding the kneeling and sitting was, in part, “I want them [the players] to have the ammunition to tell anybody that asks them to do anything otherwise or demonstrate during that period of time, that ‘I don’t get to play if I do that.'” 

He continued, “This is a workplace issue. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding as to where I want the personnel of the Cowboys to be when we’re at the No. 1 workplace we have, which is the field and the sideline on game day. I want to do everybody a service, as I should in leading the team, and let’s be really clear about what our expectations are.”

Tony Covington, the NAACP’s Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, issued a ludicrous statement, saying, “Jerry Jones’ comments are more than tone-deaf, more than misinformed and misguided – they are a public commitment by an NFL owner to violate his players’ Constitutional right to free speech – one of the principles on which our nation was founded.”

Surely he knows that isn’t true, that there is no guarantee of a right to free speech in a workplace. First Amendment legal expert Chad Baruch told Sports Day, “He’s a private employer so he’s free to make any rules he wants that infringe on free speech. He’s totally unconstrained legally” just as the NAACP and Covington are unconstrained by the truth.

“[The First Amendment] protects your right to have opinions against government intrusion, not to exercise that right at work. The black supremacist anti-Americans are losing this one. They went too far in transitioning from covert attacks on our nation to an overt assault on its symbols.


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7 Comments on NAACP Attacks Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones For Stopping Anti-America Agitation

  1. The President didn’t start this argument because of racism. Of course the blacks have made it that way. If they don’t like it here they all can go home to Africa. After all, they haven’t done much for America. They have brought aides to us, and we’re giving them medication for their aides people and the hell with our people. The blacks are more racist than whites. They even think it’s cool to kill their own kind. Maybe we should give them all guns so they can eliminate their race. These NFL guys couldn’t survive outside the NFL in a regular job. Most of them can’t even talk proper English. Maybe we should enlist them all in the army and send them to the middle east. That would show them what they should respect.

  2. People like Jones, who support racism against whitey, have no principles. They vacillate between opinions to their benefit. He was with the racists when it seemed opportune, now with patriots because of money. He picked a side and should be driven out of business along with his thugs.

  3. Andrew W Natheson // October 11, 2017 at 8:58 pm // Reply

    Hey Rick,
    The NAACP is Right up There Besides Black Lies (Yes Lies) Matter, the Anitfas, the S J Ws and Radical Islamic Terrorism! When it Comes to VIOLENCE It WON”T B Christians, Jews, Buddists etc. Its ALWAYS Going to B Muslims, Terrorist Groups Like the S J Ws, the Antifas Black Lies Matter and the NAACPs etc, Oh Yes, Lets NOT Forget Islam is a “Terrorist Religion” and WE ALL KNOW IT, I Wish President Trump and Other Gvmnts (Trudope & His Libtards) Had the Guts to Say it Like it Is, At Least We Would Better Know what We are Up Against, Thank You for Letting Me Say IT Like IT Is.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // October 11, 2017 at 8:24 pm // Reply

    They might stop when the NFL can no longer pay them their multi-million salaries, until then, we’ve turned them off never to be on again.

  5. Fred A. Hisle // October 11, 2017 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Another club that needs to be eliminated.


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