NAACP Brooks Puts Words In Trump’s Mouth – Using “Alabama Code” Means Trump A…

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It’s no surprise that the leftist propagandists at CNN brought their “race expert” from the NAACP, Cornell Brooks, in for a little Trump bashing over his calling out their comrades, the anti-American NFL agitators.

As Brooks begins his attack, he says, “Unfortunately, it pains me to say this, that the President’s tweets and comments had nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with race.” What would pain him would be if he couldn’t say that, but he’d just lie. It’s NAACPBS.

How shocking that the lifelong NAACP race-pimp of the Democrat Party accused President Trump of lying and being a racist. He goes on to simply change the meaning of President Trump’s words from what he said to what he wants to pretend he said in order to provide a basis for his claims.

Brooks simply has to declare something to be a code word for something else and he can change what the President said with Blitzer not daring to issue a single word in challenge. He said, “When the President refers to Colin Kaepernick ‘in Alabama,’ as a son of the ‘b’ word, it is racial code for the ‘n’ word across America and in Alabama.”

If only Alabama didn’t exist or they weren’t allowed to have Senators like “civilized states” such as California, Brooks wouldn’t have to be explaining how evil President Trump is to all of the CNN libs. He’d instead be telling us all how great communism under Hillary Clinton has been in this first year.

Can we ask you, Brooks, inside what brand of cereal did you got your racial secret decoder ring? Lots of us regular rednecks, probably even some in Alabama, would like to get our hands on one so we could check for the President’s real secret message too. As it is we’re stuck, ignorant and using regular English.

But Brooks explains it goes beyond words to context, as “in a campaign rally for the Republican nominee for Senate. Particularly when he manages to demonstrate more moral outrage against the NFL as opposed to Nazis.” Maybe that’s because the Nazis are just guys playing dress up, running around in robes and funny hats while the NFL is attacking what this country is built upon.

Some could call you, Brooks, your racist organization and your Antifa, communist and BLM, Black Panther allies a much bigger threat than some guys playing Nazi. Or is the reality that you are the real Nazis, using the guys dressing up as a smoke screen to hide your use of intimidation, threats and violence behind a safe, dark and politically correct skin tone? Is it possible, as the former head of the NAACP that you are seeking black supremacy, and engaged in a disinformation campaign? Of course it is.

This moron goes into his own protest on air and little Wolfie never once mentions the inappropriate venue for his, Kaepernick or the rest of the NFL’s type of garbage being strewn about. He wants to talk about the lives lost to police by black Americans, who may or may not hate their country, but ignores the fact that they were mostly engaged in criminal activity at the time.

Here’s a tip for you, Brooks. Convince them to stop committing the crimes and the unfortunate outcomes to police responses go way down.

Regardless, a football game is not the place for this kind of nonsense, but there is a silver lining. Every week fewer of us are watching. It won’t be long before they’re protesting only for themselves and their fellow black supremacists and democrats. At that point it’s like the tree falling in the forest. If nobody sees a protest in an empty stadium by an unemployed NFL player, did it really ever happen?

The real problem is that after eight years of Hussein Obama on top of forty years by other pandering Democrats and submissive Republicans, these people really believe they are entitled to extra portions of other people’s stuff and to extra privilege for their skin color. This NFL thing is a symptom of a much greater problem and it’s only going to get worse. Don’t you have a floor to sit on, an office to occupy, a nuisance to create or a chip to dare someone to knock off somewhere that you need to get to, Brooks?

There are lots of words for guys like this, most of them are not Internet friendly.


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    • yes Marlene – I’m switching to another email method as the other one didn’t register new subscribers – it was a mess and they weren’t able to fix it so I had to make a switch to a more costly alternative – you get what pay for I’ve been told – lol – please accept it and thanks for the heads up.

  2. Zero credibility, these are the race baiting Marxist loons who gave us fake Black woman, Rachel Dolezal and fake Black guy, Shaun King.

  3. NFL is an acronym for NOT FOR LONG.

  4. With Clear, Precise language, you said it all. Can’t say I’ll be sorry to see the NFL fall to the level of the minor leagues or farther. Won’t bother me at all.

  5. The more I see of these thugs and gutter trash, the more I may believe the theory that some have no souls, or killed what they had.

  6. Brooks, if you had the intelligence that you THINK you have, you would have been able to figure out when this BS first started that it has EVERYTHING to do with our flag, our country and patriotism. This garbage of not standing for the National Anthem is a political ploy from individuals trying to get their political view(s) out there so the masses can see what they are “bothered by”. A lot of things bother me but you don’t see me disrespecting this country, our flag or patriotism. Stop with the race card. We are all Americans. I don’t see color, I just see individuals show nothing but contempt and disrespect for this country. Keep your politics to your own self!

  7. Is it true Brooks can swoop up four bananas in one bite.

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