Mueller Hires Ally Of Fired US Attorney Bharara For Witch Hunt Dream Team

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Is Special Witch Hunt Prosecutor Robert Mueller trying to bait President Trump into firing him by making it impossible for him to not do so, or merely just not care who knows that this is the Trump railroading and he’s the engineer?

Despite his obvious conflict of interest due to his friendship with star witness James Comey, Mueller has refused to step down from his high profile and powerful position and has effectively doubled down by hiring all Clinton supporters and Democrat donors to his staff.

Now he’s become so brazen as to hire a close colleague of the defiant and fired former US Attorney, Preet Bharara. Ever since he was fired after refusing to resign in March, early in the Trump administration, Bharara has been a vocal critic of President Trump. Now it appears that the Chuck Schumer ally get’s to exact some revenge by proxy.

According to multiple reports late Friday, Bharara’s former Assistant US Attorney, Andrew Goldstein of the Southern District of New York, has been chosen to join in the stake burning. It is in keeping with the anti-Trump composition of the witch hunt staff, one which should be shouting the question, “If this is how he staffs his inquisition, is there any doubt as to his bias or how he’ll conduct it? There certainly shouldn’t be and more than sufficient evidence has been presented for his removal. Trump should simply fire Mueller for cause as well as Rod “Rodentstein” Rosenstein, who created this monster to being with. He can deal with the fallout as easily as he can deal with being lynched.

The Washington Examiner also reports that investigations that were previously being handled in New York, including one involving former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, have been taken over by the hanging judge, “Mueller the Omnipotent,” and his merry band of executioners.

This process is not how one drains the swamp – it is how on becomes lost in it; how the swamp claims more innocent victims.


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4 Comments on Mueller Hires Ally Of Fired US Attorney Bharara For Witch Hunt Dream Team

  1. This is a kangaroo court if i ever saw one. I am shocked at how blatant Mueller has gone about hiring all the attorneys who obviously want Trump out. Right in our faces and nobody says a damn thing.

  2. Psychologically, the victim of a gang-bang is often the beneficiary. The Donald is a master at taking advantage of such situations. Let’s be patient.

  3. Hadenoughalready // July 3, 2017 at 7:30 pm // Reply

    Maybe Trump should (maybe he is) wait for Meuller to assemble his entire team and then appoint a special prosecutor to investigate THEM. Wouldn’t THAT be something to watch? bwahahahahaha

  4. TONYA PARNELL // July 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm // Reply

    Mueller should have been fired a long time ago. It may be that Mueller will be given plenty of rope to hang himself before being fired.

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