Mueller Team Lied To Congress – Appoint A Special Counsel For The Special Counsel

Mueller and his team of legal thugs lied to Congress in their role as political assassins against our President. It’s time for Sessions to remove his entire team and a special counsel

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Gregg Jarrett labels the Mueller team as “nothing more than a pack of attack dogs with disturbing ties to the Democrat Party.” He points to a report by the Wall Street Journal that Andrew Weissmann, the most thuggish of Mueller’s henchmen, attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party.

There’s also the fact that Mueller’s right hand man, Aaron Zebley, previously represented the former Hillary Clinton IT aide who destroyed some of the evidence against her, including the use of a hammer in smashing her devices.

Then there’s the obvious politicization with Mueller team member Jeannie Rhee, who represented not only Obama liar, lie author and coordinator, and serial illegal unmasker Ben Rhodes, but the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.

Jarrett welcomes Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch to the program and begins by stating, “There are so many highly qualified, experienced and skilled lawyers across America, who do not have a political axe to grind. Had Mueller chosen them it would have lent credibility and integrity to his investigation. He chose not to do that.”

Of course the  last thing any of those involved want is honest lawyers poking around into the DOJ, FBI Clinton-Obama-Mueller sewer. Jarrett asks, “Are you concerned that the Mueller team, including Mueller himself, have extreme political bias and corrupt motives?”

Farrell replies, “Their credibility now is something less than zero. Between the conflicts of interest, and you just outlined a number of them, and then the unlawful or at least highly questionable investigative tactics that have been employed so far.”

Farrell reveals he has “reason to believe that even chairman Nunes from the intelligence committee has been lied to over and over again with respect to this unmasking issue, when you combine all of that you realize that, in large part, it’s the same cast of characters, the same inner circle, who are willfully blind with respect to the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s server and uranium one, etc, etc.”

He points out that the Mueller henchmen have excruciating attention to detail on other really minor matters, saying, “their credibility is shot.” He says they’re not just making mistakes, “They’re involved in criminal misconduct in the abuse of the investigative system and their procedures.”

He says, “This is horrific. There needs to be a special counsel now for the special counsel.” Jarrett later confirms that he’s read the applicable law and there is nothing that prevents Attorney General Sessions from unrecusing himself for the express purpose of cleaning up Mueller’s mess.

That’s what both of them believe should be the next step taken, with the compromised members of Mueller’s political hit machine, likely all of them, removed and investigated for possible prosecution, including Mueller himself.

Farrell points out that there is still no underlying crime to support this whole ridiculous, anti-American charade. Jarrett observes that now that there are individuals who have been charged as a result  of the process, its legitimacy can be challenged.


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4 Comments on Mueller Team Lied To Congress – Appoint A Special Counsel For The Special Counsel

  1. Hadenoughalready // December 12, 2017 at 10:20 am // Reply

    The harder they try to hang Trump, the more rope they braid for themselves. So be it!

  2. I am just waiting for the next boon doggle to happen. It is something every day that drives the voters wondering when we can dump Mueller and his henchmen when WE KNOW WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE. Odd that they have been allowed to spend 7 million $$ of our tax$$ to try and destroy our president and country. This is because our RINOS want the same thing that the liberals want, Trump gone.

  3. James Higginbotham // December 12, 2017 at 10:08 am // Reply

    by Trump NOT doing anything or allowing Sessions to do anything, has got me to wondering IF HE IS HOLDING HIS HOLD CARD CLOSE TO HIS CHEST?
    and is just waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT TO POUNCE?
    because with each passing day this CRAP GETS WORSE AND WORSE.

    • Hadenoughalready // December 12, 2017 at 4:56 pm // Reply

      I’m thinking the same thing. After all, he was of the opinion that Hillary should be in jail long ago. Only now is he able to exert influence to do just that.
      Being the successful businessman that he is, he didn’t get there by knee-jerk reactions. His moves are carefully thought out, strategic, cold and calculated.

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