MUELLER CONFLICT Of Interest – Special Counsel Statute States MUST Step Down

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Gregg Jarrett is adamant that Robert Mueller, according to statute, must step down from his appointment as the special prosecutor targeting President Trump. He states, “Given the latest Washington Post story, if it’s true, there’s even a more compelling reason now that Robert Mueller cannot serve as special counsel. He has a glaring conflict of interest – his closeness to the star witness in the case, James Comey.”

Jarrett continues, “And you look at the Special Counsel statute and it says, that if you have a ‘personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution,’ you cannot serve, it’s mandatory language, you shall disqualify yourself.”

He says, “Well Comey is substantially involved, he’s the central witness in this case. It’s not fair to President Trump, it’s not fair to the American public who expect this proceeding to be fair and impartial and objective. It cannot be if these two guys have such a long track record together. Close friends, allies, partners, they handle cases together. The Washingtonian said there’s only one guy in Washington that Comey trusts and that’s Bob Mueller. They’re too close.”

He notes there were plenty of other choices who didn’t have this same level of conflict of interest built into the selection. Jarrett says, “You know, if it’s a he said – he said on obstruction, who is Mueller going to believe? His good, close friend or the man who fired his good, close friend?” Super lawyer Rosenstein surely must have been aware of the conflict, he’s a crony of Mueller’s as well. Why would he try to slip it past the American people? Is he as dirty as Comey and Mueller? Sure he is.

And not to split hairs, Jarrett, but the American people will be shocked if this witch hunt somehow turns out to be something fair and impartial and objective. That is the last thing we expect. It started out as a witch hunt, it’s been conducted to this point in that manner and there is no reason to believe that it will be conducted any differently in the future.

Where is the Republican leadership, if that word can be used to describe McConnell and Ryan, on this? Why are the Democrats driving the agenda and the sacrificing of the President and his agenda on the Democrat altar when those limp-wristed nothings are supposedly in control? Could it be because they are working for the entrenched uni-party establishment and the Democrats? Of course they are.

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3 Comments on MUELLER CONFLICT Of Interest – Special Counsel Statute States MUST Step Down

  1. Sandra Mallow // June 17, 2017 at 9:42 pm // Reply

    How do we make it happen?
    How do we make it clear to Ryan and all those Trump traitors that we want them to suppirt our President or “get the hell out of Dodge”?

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 17, 2017 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    Why would anybody think a lying swamp demonrat, socialist, communist would follow the law. Muuleer has shown he is not trustworthy when he had the isslameest material removed from FBI training.

  3. Thomas Oakley // June 17, 2017 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    and another person makes the case to get rid of muller and when muller goes (as he must) then I would suggest trump wake up and get rid of the trouble maker in the fbi that brought muller in…….in fact maybe both him and muller need to be investigated by a special prosecuter along with comey. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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