Mueller Assigns Top FBI Clinton Protector To His Anti-Trump Witch Hunt Team

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Robert Mueller must really be getting a kick out of rubbing America and particularly the Trump supporters’ collective noses in the dirty deeds he’s getting away with, in plain view, in broad daylight. Can it be any more obvious that he’s taunting, daring President Trump to fire him?

Now Mueller, the Special Witch Hunter nominated in coordination with former FBI Director Comey has appointed a Comey co-conspirator from within the FBI to head the investigation under him into any illegal connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

If  they were legitimate and honest FBI agents, it might be good news, since obviously they are prone to ignoring evidence and wrapping things up in a hurry. That certainly only applies when the offender is a guilty high ranking Democrat, one the pretend ‘president,’ another high ranking Democrat, wants cut loose.

CNN reports that Mueller has named FBI section chief Peter Strzok to manage the investigation. Strzok was one of two U.S. officials who interviewed Clinton on July 2, in secret, with another suspect in the room acting as her attorney, without notes or recordings and not under oath.

He instead relied on a Comey favorite, personal notes, this time as form 302s, trusting his memory for a case of national and international significance such as this. That’s the kind of flawed judgment and obedience that gets you recognized and rewarded in this corrupt government of ours.

Strzok had an accomplice of his own in the room at the time, David Laufman. We can expect he’ll be getting some kind of reward as well in the near future, maybe under Christopher Wray, another apparent setup individual likely making his debut as Director in the coming days.

CNN notes that Strzok helped initiate the current witch hunt into the Russia nothingness as soon as he dispensed with the actual criminal actions of Hillary Clinton, her associates and the Obama regime. They wouldn’t want to allow any time for the consequences to take shape for their blatant misconduct. Now all of that familiarity with the events and possible direction of fabricating the best attack will transfer seamlessly to the Official Special Witch Hunt organization.

Now, even if President Trump fires Mueller, the argument can be made to maintain this top tool of the establishment and deep state in his position, a position that the new deep state operative leading the FBI, Director Wray, will most likely adamantly support.

You’d better fire Mueller now, Mr. President, along with every adviser other than Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. Every day you delay the trap these criminals are setting for you gets closer and closer to inescapable. Sure the fabricated events aren’t real, but the threat most assuredly is and just because you’re honest and have right on your side is no guarantee of a fair shake in DC.

If anything, it’s a guarantee that you’ll never survive. Get aggressive Mr. President. Get Mean and do it now. The future of our nation depends on it.


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