MSM, Leftists Dejected – Portland Stabber Supported Sanders, Stein – Not Trump

portland stabbing


The perpetrator of the stabbing in Portland which resulted in two men being fatally wounded and another expected to survive, was not, as the libtards in the propaganda fake news media want so desperately to be the case, a Trump supporter. He voted for Bernie Sanders and supported Jill Stein. Aside for the evidence of his mental instability provided by his actions and his political leanings, this video leaves little doubt that he was an incident looking for a place to happen. Trying to follow the direction of his rants or ascertain a point is virtually impossible.

The Oregonian identified the perpetrator as Jeremy Joseph Christian, age 35. He has been booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on suspicion of aggravated murder and attempted murder and is being held without bail. His record includes felony robbery, kidnapping and weapon convictions.

The incident took place on a Portland, OR, MAX train on Friday, when Christian was yelling at two other passengers, women wearing Muslim style clothing, one of them a hijab. Three men intervened and were stabbed repeatedly by Christian, who then fled.

Officers arrested him as he was running away from the Hollywood transit station into a residential neighborhood near Providence Portland Medical Center in Northeast Portland. The  21-year-old man who survived remains in a Portland hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Hypocrite Soros operative Jill Stein immediately reclaimed her position on the blame Trump for everything bandwagon, as she tweeted “Another heartbreaking tragedy in Trump’s America, as a white nationalist shouting anti-Islam slurs murders 2 on Portland, OR subway.”  She followed that one up with another false accusation, tweeting, ” Donald Trump must speak out against the vicious Islamophobia he has enabled.”

Of course it is the left, led by Hussein Obama and Eric Holder that began to stir the racial pot in 2014 in order to fabricate social campaign issues for Clinton and others such as Sanders and Stein to run on. This murderer, as will not be reported by any of the mainstream media outlets, was not a Trump supporter. He posted on his Facebook page that he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Trump. Buzzfeed reported the Stein connection and Facebook excerpts.

Once again the cheap shots from the left are mere fabrications that are reported as fact by the fake news outlets such as CNN, who have already had Ibrahim Hooper, a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood front organization CAIR, on their air blaming President Trump for this incident.

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  1. I’m not the only Trump supporter who knew it was’t one of us.

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