Mourning Woe – Mika And RINO Joe Go Full Subversive In Bashing President Trump

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Mourning Woe is the heightened theme of the MSBNC daily propaganda offering now that the anti-Trump agitation on the part of the cast has shifted into overdrive. Mika Brzezinski is leading the parade of clowns. She backed the loser espionage criminal and the shattered commie just can’t deal with that freedom guy being in power.

As Mika’s fake, dry Obamatears fail to flow and her shaken psyche appears to reach nervous breakdown levels, producers at MSNBC are adding a suicide hotline number to her speed-dial. There are lots of high buildings in New York; don’t do anything rash, Mika, but if you do, get a selfie-video on the way down. Make sure the sun is behind the camera. It’ll make for great ratings and it’ll be one last thing she can blame on Trump and Bannon.

She’s gone from being the commie Obama and his ordained successor’s number one cheerleader to President Trump gloomleader, attacking the man we elected to bring us back from our descent into tyranny. Brzezinski completely ignores the responsibility that her side has for the difficulties the Trump administration is experiencing, the non-stop obstructionism and the subversion that is becoming a fixture everywhere on the left, including her program.  

Excuse her as she reaches for her hankie, the one Obama gave her for those moments when the barrage of fake news gets a complimentary injection of fake crying and wailing. It’s the one he and Chuck Schumer use and it’s a guaranteed winner every time. It’s especially effective among the sappy idiots that watch her and RINO Joe in the mornings.

Her job is to portray herself as now being weak and helpless, a pathetic, empty, shell of a woman unable to deal with the reality of an administration that isn’t from the CFR and is beyond their control. She bemoans that he “was certainly not her first choice,”  which is, in essence, why he was ours.

Mika does her best to put us all into that “hide under the desk, the Russians and Trump are going to nuke us” feeling that her globalist dad, Zbigniew, used to reminisce so fondly of when she was a little budding Nazi. She wrings her hands from her hiding spot, looking up at that mean Steve Bannon, the man who has seized control over that insane Donald Trump’s brain and asks “why is this happening? Where are the globalist thugs who are supposed to have already gotten him out of office?”

She’s pressing the “Crazy Donald” agenda to inspire people to call for his ouster and to reinforce those who have already been positioned to start making those calls. The corrupt, condescending, propagandizing anti-American liberal witch, Brzezinski, claims that she wanted to have hope and an open mind that “perhaps the weight of this office of this presidency might guide him in a better direction than in his previous life.” Was there something wrong with his previous life, Mika?

Compared to the communist community agitator roots of the America-hater we suffered under for the past 8 years, the successful global businessman who was quite generous for the right reasons and out of the spotlight doesn’t need to find a better direction. He needs to incorporate his direction and compass into the misguided floundering United States he’s been left to fix.

As their little group of Trump-haters each takes their turn voicing their views as to why he’s so horrible, she makes the snide comment that President Trump might be unfit for the office mentally and offers another bit of fakery, her apology, saying, “sorry, just saying what everyone is thinking.” No, you’re saying what all of your anti-American comrades may be thinking or at least told you to say. We have to remember, as we’re certain Mika hasn’t forgotten her miffed admission, it’s her job to tell us what to think, to control our thoughts and political views.

RINO Joe joins in with a new attack on Bannon, calling him “the most dangerous person, the guy who says he’s a ‘Leninist.'” That should play well with the millions of Americans who have no idea who Lenin was or what that might even mean. He describes Bannon as wanting to destroy the government, which is not at all a realistic or honest characterization of Bannon’s views. Destroying the government is what Obama did, controlling a government that is onerous, intrusive, oppressive and  too big is saving it, not destroying it, and saving our nation in the process.

Joe and comrade Mika are undermining the attempts to corral it. He says that Trump turns to Bannon when he’s in crisis – whatever crisis exists is manufactured by the obstructionists on the left who still hold power to a degree in the form of Obama loyalists permeating the government. They say nothing of the shadow government coup against the legitimate Trump administration because they too are part of it and support it fully.

RINO Joe is beside himself, fretting and quoting the Wall Street Journal that “there are now basic questions about US institutions and trust in government.” Where has this dishonest idiot been for the last eight years? It was that distrust and recognition of the globalist takeover that brought President Trump to power.

Brzezinski says she’s heard from “other countries that this is how it starts.” Maybe she shouldn’t be in communication with those foreign communists engaged in programming her quite so frequently. This is actually how you prevent it from being completed, Mika, after 8 years of it already starting, with your daily assistance. Her criticism and questioning of whether President Trump can do the job, in the aftermath of the community organizer who brought us to this point is beyond repugnant.

Remember who this collection of misfits represent, America, the establishment globalists whose objective is a slave population under their dictates. This is MSNBC and it is completely controlled by the CFR leftists. What we are seeing and hearing is exactly what we would expect police-state sponsored brain-washers to say. Only an idiot flips on Morning Joe and thinks they’re getting legitimate news.

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