Mother of Charlottesville Driver Oddly Calm As She’s Told It’s Her Son

bloom fields

A woman who, according to the report, was just learning that her son is the accused driver of the vehicle that killed one and injured many more in Charlottesville has quite odd, distant behavior at receiving the bad news. Her son may be spending the rest of his life behind bars and she’s acting like it’s not a big deal. Something sure doesn’t seem right. Chuck Schumer had more tears after some strangers were denied visas.

Samantha Bloom asks if anybody was hurt and when she’s told there was one fatality, her position, emotions and body language remain pretty much the same. It’s almost as if she recognized the car or was strongly suspicious that her son was the driver and this was confirmation.

She smiles to the reporters as she says “I just knew he was going to a rally. I try to stay out of his political views, you know. I don’t really get too involved.” She says she moved him out to his own apartment. She might want to cancel that lease. She’s watching his cat; it’s hers now.

The brainwashed reporters describe the alt-right as being “ultra-conservative and white supremacist.” They don’t either understand themselves or don’t care. In their line of work, repeating the official narrative is likely mandatory. If one wants to have a career one is best advised not to think for themselves.

Their explanation mentioned nothing about national sovereignty or the globalist takeover.  Her son is reportedly James Alex Fields, age 20, who had just moved, with his mother to the Toledo, OH area from Florence, KY.

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