Morris – WikiLeaks Info Vital For Americans, Trump – Who Cares If It Was Hacked

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Dick Morris says, “The Democrats have seized upon their post-election talking points and they are that the whole election was influenced by fake news and hacking directed by Russia to try to destabilize the US election and to try to make Donald Trump president. And that’s why we all voted for Trump and the election should be canceled, postponed, the Electoral College shouldn’t vote right away; all kinds of nonsense. Total nonsense all aimed at creating their own fake news, their own disinformation.”

Morris clarifies two issues, that there is no evidence that hacking by anyone, nation or individual, was directed at or affected the election returns themselves. He addresses the second issue, saying the allegations are that the Russians put out fake news in conjunction with WikiLeaks to influence the election in favor of Mr. Trump. He reminds us that nobody is questioning the veracity of the WikiLeaks documents or that they weren’t sent or that they weren’t received.”

He says, “What they are saying is that they were released by hackers for Russia who channeled the release through WikiLeaks.” Morris has a question in that regard, “Who cares? The important point is is the information true or not? I don’t care if it was dug up by some enterprising journalist working for a newspaper or some disgruntled employee who went out and released all of the secrets like [Snowden] did or by the Russians themselves, hacking something and releasing. If they actually were emails and they actually were sent and they were sent by the people that they said sent them and they said what they said, that’s news and that’s important and that’s information.”

Morris believes it was important for Democrats to know what Clinton had done to prevent Sanders from being the nominee as well as all Americans with the pay to play criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. He notes that is information that was vital and revealed how Clinton was operating the State Department as a service entity to deliver favors to her donors. Morris is glad the info came out and “if it did so through less than appropriate means, that’s a minor matter compared to the content of the scandal itself.”

Morris understands why the Russians might want Trump over Clinton, he did as well. He says, “I think that Trump may be making common cause with Russia against China. He likens it to what Nixon did in 1972 only in reverse, with Russia and the US teaming up “to reduce the influence of China and curb its economic and geopolitical appetite. That all makes sense, that’s super politics the way it should be directed.”

He adds, “And if Putin saw it coming and thought that Trump might be better for him, well that’s fine. Now if he tried to influence the US election by phony news, by planting stuff that was untrue, by substantiating rumors that achieved wide credibility that turned out to be completely false, well that’s something that’s worth going after, but not if all he did was to release actual, true information.”

Morris points out that the real fake news is from the New York Times and the media establishment, listing a handful of their many falsehoods as examples as well as their non-reporting of the building sweep by Trump among white, high school educated men that transformed the politics of the northern industrial states, delivering many of them for Mr. Trump.


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  1. Barry Marshall Jones Sr. // December 12, 2016 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    You can’t claim that HC’s private server was secure from the Russians on the one hand and claim that the election was hacked by the Russians on the other.

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