Dick Morris says in order for President Trump to survive and his America First policies to have a chance to benefit our nation, Rod Rosenstein must go and it needs to happen soon…

dick morris

Dick Morris says the next thing that must happen following the revelations in the Nunes memo is that “Trump has got to fire Rod Rosenstein. That is the absolute key to his survival and to the survival of the marvelous changes he’s bringing to this country.”

“Rosenstein deserves firing,” Morris affirms, “Three times after the initial warrant was given, the FBI sought extension of the warrants approving their surveillance of Carter Page and probably of other Trump people. And they concealed from the FISA court that the dossier that they were using as the basis of that request was paid for by the Hillary campaign, was nothing more than a campaign leaflet.”

He points out that it was sold to the FISA court as the product of detailed espionage work, verified by the FBI.” Nothing could be further from the truth. He also describes their backup protection of producing news articles though Yahoo News as additional fabricated evidence.

Arguing his case for the firing, Morris says, “First of all, Rosenstein is the only one who can fire Mueller. He’s the only one who can tell Mueller, ‘You can do your investigation about what happened when Trump was President but you can’t go into the time when he was just a private citizen, holding no public office.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Morris continues, “There’s a limit to the extent to which you can go after obstruction of justice unless you can prove that there’s an underlying crime here, and all kinds of stuff that the can do to clip Mueller’s wings. He can cut Mueller’s budget, he can stop Mueller from convening grand juries, he can do anything like that.”

“Finally and most importantly,” says Morris, “if indeed Mueller is trying to indict Trump for obstruction of justice, that indictment can be drawn up, can be voted by a grand jury, and then it goes to Rosenstein’s desk, and Rosenstein or his successor has to approve it. That’s because Rosenstein was not appointed under the special prosecutor statute that governed Kenneth Starr’s behavior back in the nineties.”

Morris sees that statute as the “backstop” for Trump, a protection against Mueller going rogue crazy even more than he already has at this point. He points out that Mueller “can’t indict him for the scandal, for the underlying issue, because there’s no evidence there. But he might be able to say that firing Comey was an obstruction of justice, which would be very difficult to prove.

Morris warns that the indictment itself could be the basis for an impeachment proceeding if Democrats have a chance to get their hands on it. “The key to stopping that,” he says, “is Rod Rosenstein.” He cautions President Trump against a Saturday night massacre in which he fires everybody, recommending ” a surgical strike at Rosenstein, just like he performed it on McCabe, and Bruce Ohr, and Strzok and Page. Just at him, for cause.”

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