Morris – Three Obama Pardons This Week Lay Foundation For Clinton

dick morris


Dick Morris observes that, while we don’t yet know if Obama will pardon Clinton, it looks to him like he’s laying the groundwork for it. Three pardons in particular already issued support his prediction. He starts with the case of Bradley/Chelsea Manning, “who leaked 35,000 pages of US secrets from all agencies to WikiLeaks, that were denounced at the time as being horribly dangerous and deeply undermining of American security.”

Morris says, “She/he was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison and was ordered to serve the time in a male prison and there have been all sorts of articles and complaints about the conditions under which she has to serve her sentence.” He makes the point that if Obama pardoned Clinton but didn’t pardon Manning, all of the homosexual groups would have “been all over him, screaming and yelling and hollering, because Chelsea did essentially what Hillary did.”

He notes the second pardon is of General James Cartwright, “who is thought to be Obama’s favorite general. He was convicted of lying to the FBI about leaking to the media the details of our efforts to undermine the Iranian nuclear program. And he was due to be sentenced next week, but this pardon arrives in the nick of time to prevent him from even being sentenced.”

The third pardon on the Morris radar is Oscar Rivera, the Puerto Rican terrorist and head of the FALN. He points out that his group planted 130 bombs throughout the US, including one that blew up a tavern and killed four people, including police officers. Morris notes that “when Bill Clinton pardoned the other FALN members on the condition that they agreed not to be violent, he refused.” He’s now changed his mind, and has applied for and received his pardon. Morris believes that is a preparatory outreach to Latinos in order to avoid any pushback from them to a Clinton pardon.

Morris asks, “And have you noticed that Hillary’s been in the background in recent months, since the election? She hasn’t been out there speaking, she hasn’t been our there campaigning. She has lowered her visibility. And even while the other Democrats were pounding on Trump about Russia and the election results and all of that, she’s been relatively mute, and I think that’s because she wants a low profile so that a pardon could slip in without exciting tremendous rage.”

He adds, “Of course it will, but her hope is that it wouldn’t.”

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