Morris – Indict Comey For Leaking, Rogue Egomaniac Not Above The Law

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Dick Morris asks the question, “Just who the heck does James Comey think he is? Is he somewhere above God? First he intervenes in the presidential election to clear Hillary’s name in the email scandal. And he rules that she was careless but cannot be prosecuted – the ‘ruling.’ Then he intervenes two weeks before the election to say – ‘oh, wait a minute, we have new evidence, maybe she can be prosecuted.’ Then he intervenes three days before the election to say ‘oh, wait a minute, false alarm, we looked at all the stuff, there’s nothing there.’ I mean you talk about influencing the election.”

“Then,” says Morris, “he gets this dossier that’s filled with garbage about Donald Trump and he decides to send it to the President, to the leaders of Congress,  and then takes it upon himself to brief Donald Trump about it. And of course, when you brief it that widely, it gets out and it goes into the media, which he knew damn well it would.”

Morris says, “Then he goes into all these meetings with his boss, the President of the United States, and he takes notes, he memos, he does memos of them, of each meeting, he says to protect himself. I don’t think it was to protect himself, it was to get Donald Trump, which he obviously wanted to do because he had moved that dossier, which, in five minutes he would have found out were lies. And he put that out so that it would get into the public.”

Morris continues, “Then he takes his memos and he sends them to a friend of his, a law professor, at Columbia, who leaks them to the media. And he does that knowing full well, and admitted it in his testimony, that the reason he did that was to spur the momentum to name a special prosecutor. So in effect he’s making all the decisions for the United States.”

Morris: Comey should be indicted for leaking – the head of the FBI is not above the law

“Now first of all there’s one very separate question here. I think James Comey should be indicted for leaking. I think the head of the FBI is not above the law. And if it’s illegal for Reality Winner to leak material, the NSA employee, then it sure is illegal for the head of the FBI to do it.” Morris says, “And we have to assume that this was not an isolated leak. If the pattern is that he leaks, and he leaked this and he will leak other stuff, he probably is the source for a whole lot of the news stories that have been going after President Trump.”

“So of course he needed to be fired,” observes Morris, “of course it’s the right decision to fire him. It amounts to an insubordination akin to General MacArthur’s insubordination of President Truman in Korea which resulted in his being fired. You simply can’t let your FBI Director just run loose.”

Morris adds that “It’s just outrageous that this guy was the leaker. What we’re dealing here, with, is an egomaniac run wild. And I don’t mean Donald Trump – I mean James Comey.”

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