Morris – Investigate FBI, DOJ “Gang Of Four” Covering Up Clinton Sellout, Russia Bribery

Morris points to a gang of 4 key DOJ and FBI operatives engaged in the cover up of Clinton – Russia bribery, pay for play and collusion, not to mention Obama, Clinton and…

dick morris

Dick Morris begins his remarks with a reminder of the investigation by the FBI of Russian bribery attempts “of all kinds of officials up and down the ladder in the United States as part of Putin’s effort to get approval for a Russian dominated company to buy 20% of the uranium mines in the United States.”

He notes that “The bribes included vendors and contractors and executives of the various firms. And they also involved payments to Bill and Hillary Clinton” and he gives examples. Beyond that criminal wrongdoing itself and the approval of the deal in spite of it, Morris asks other questions.

Why was it never exposed? Why, during the 2016 campaign when accusations against Donald Trump about being in cahoots with the Russians, why did the FBI remain completely silent about the investigation, which had been going on for six years.?

Morris points to “four people in particular who have a lot to answer for. Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor, who was the head of the FBI at the beginning of this period. James Comey, his successor. Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller, who was running this operation, and Eric Holder, the Attorney General at the time.”

“These officials all knew about this investigation,” says Morris, “had to know about it, and were mum and silent and did not disclose this information.”

He asks, “And because we’re dealing with a very parallel issue, bribery by Russia affecting a US presidential candidate, with a view towards obtaining and objective of theirs, one is compelled to ask what is the overlap of this investigation, if there is any, or of these scandals, how do they interconnect?”

Morris continues, “And is the investigation of Donald Trump by Robert Mueller, in effect and effort to cover up his own failure to expose the Russian bribery of Hillary Clinton and various other operatives in order to get this contract?”

“This gang of four,” Morris says, “Holder, Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, needs to be investigated by the FBI, that’s our investigative agency. And it calls into question Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller. Is this an effort to keep it all in the family or was it something else? And I think we need to know the answers to those questions.”

Morris says, “This was not just some vague attempt to run Internet ads to influence an election or to put out information that wasn’t true. This was a real attempt at old-fashioned bribery to achieve a very important, critical, strategic objective by Vladimir Putin.

He adds, “And this is what deserves a special prosecutor and an investigation.”

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10 Comments on Morris – Investigate FBI, DOJ “Gang Of Four” Covering Up Clinton Sellout, Russia Bribery

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // October 24, 2017 at 10:58 am // Reply

    How can you get the FBI to investigate their own people when we know the majority of them are as corrupt as those named, and McCabe the Asst. Dir. is under investigation himself. What about Wray? We don’t know if he’s any good or part of the same rot. Really, Sessions should get some chutzpah and fire the entire lot of those named, along with all Obama appointees. I read that Obama had made sure some of them could not be fired, but anything can be undone.

    Besides all this, we’ve known about this since before the campaign, we’ve written about it, but no one seems to care until it finally hits the big boys and how long did it take Rick? You and I knew about all this garbage with the sale of our uranium long ago. We knew about the 150 mil that went to clinton foundation, and we knew about the 500K for Clinton’s idiotic 1 hr. speech. Sheesh

  2. None of us knows what is actually happening inside the DOJ.

    • That’s true, David, and i imagine you’re encouraging allowing Sessions time under the possibility that he is working the cases – giving him the benefit of the doubt, he would have a responsibility to remove the offenders, put them on paid administrative leave if he wants, Rosenstein and McCabe, so that they can’t access files or other evidence and so that they cannot continue to engage in a cover up or criminal activity. If a business thought the had a thief or a sexual harrasser in their employ, that would be common practice during an investigation. I don’t think he’s doing anything, hoping that it all goes away. This is too big and too important for him to acting in this manner, in my humble opinion.

      • Were it my business, I’d have no qualms about moving ahead with wholesale firings. But, this is a political arena and any severe action must be absolutely defensible. Cases must be built and that takes time. Especially when the bad guys are collaborating to prevent any action, including the bad guys in the congressional leadership. It’s incredibly complex and I haven’t given up on Sessions, yet.

        If Trump were to can Sessions, who would replace him? Another frigging General? And, if a real action orientated executive came in, how long would it take before supportable firings could commence?

        Finally, the timing of any action must be considered to assure optimum political advantage… probably just ahead of an important election.

        • Three years is a long time to say “how about now, Jeff” – I understand what you’re saying – it’s a mess and they’re leaving Rosenstein and McCabe is completely indefensible – he was the new sheriff in town, now he’s not – he needs to recapture that higher ground – investigate rosenstein, expand the investigation into mccabe, maybe give one of them a reason to talk – they’re on the inside, like you say, but the American people are tired of these rats skating on everything – there’s a way if there were the will, there always is.

          • I agree 100%. But, the swamp is not confined to the DOJ. The problem exists throughout the Executive branch and doesn’t “appear” to be getting addressed anywhere. So, if corrections aren’t being addressed anywhere, who is to blame? There’s only one person to blame and I don’t think it’s Sessions.

            I hope corrective initiatives are moving ahead and I hope I’m wrong on the timing question. I guess I can be found guilty of optimism.

  3. slowly all this coming out.
    but were also dealing to something called A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, AND THEY ALL KNOW IT.

  4. What I would like to know is why Trump is not “ordering” Sessions to start investigating and indicting these criminals, who may, most likely, be guilty of treason.

  5. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 24, 2017 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Sessions does NOT have the Balls to tell the FBI to bring indictments against those FOUR!

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