Morris – Evidence Obama, FBI Arranged, Financed Clinton Anti-Trump Research During Election

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Dick Morris addresses what appears to be a likely occurrence in which the FBI paid for the smears that Hillary Clinton used against President Trump during the campaign, and then expanded upon them, in concert with James Comey. Those later became this whole Russia collusion fabrication and obsession.

He describes how Clinton, unable to take then candidate Trump down with a barrage of dirty tricks, became desperate and realized she was going to need something different. He says, “She turned to trying to make something of the Russian meddling in the campaign which she thought happened when they hacked the DNC computers. We’re not clear that they did yet but let’s assume that they did. So her supporters hired a group called Fusion GPS, who hired an ex-spy named Christopher Steele, from, British spy, to dig up dirt and to establish that there was collusion between Trump and Putin to fix the election.”

Morris says, “But when you look at some of the evidence, it looks like the FBI may have actually paid for the development of negative research on Donald Trump, during the election; that they may have actually used tax money to pay for Hillary’s negative research. He reminds us that we know for a fact that the FBI offered Steele $50,000 if he could prove his claims and that the offer was made before Election Day. He also points out that the FBI offered to pay his expenses and probably did, also prior to Election Day. We don’t know the full extent of the relationship between Steele and the FBI, although John McCain, clumsily, was supposedly the bagman who delivered the report to Comey.

The citizen advocacy group, Cause of Action, a budding Judicial Watch, filed a FOIA request with the FBI. In it they asked the FBI, “What was the nature of your relationship with Christopher Steele?” The response was quite interesting, with the FBI stating, “We can neither confirm nor deny that there was such a relationship, or is, and we cannot answer that question without doing serious damage to national security and without compromising our sources and methods of intelligence gathering.”

“Wow!,” says Morris. “We struck a nerve. Now what that means is that the FBI can neither confirm or deny, which creates its own probability that it’s true, that the FBI was literally paying a group to hire a guy to dig up dirt on a candidate for president in an American election that was still in progress. This is absolutely incredible”

Morris says, “Now, we need to press the FBI. Grassley and his committee needs to subpoena the FBI and put them under oath and ask them that question.” If it needs to be done in a private setting, do it in a private setting “and then litigate to get it out in public because this is absolutely outrageous.”

There’s no end to this Democrat corruption, everything they touch is tainted or worse.

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3 Comments on Morris – Evidence Obama, FBI Arranged, Financed Clinton Anti-Trump Research During Election

  1. I suspect that hillary merely made a list of her own crimes, gave them to someone to write up using Trump’s name instead of hers, leaked them to fakenews and demanded they run with it.

  2. Deplorable Doctor // June 30, 2017 at 1:01 am // Reply

    Bring Comey and Rice before a Grand Jury ASAP!

  3. Thomas Oakley // June 29, 2017 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    Why does sessons not get #1 back to doing his job….2… up the problems in the ..doj….by getting rid of the spies….3……then get the fbi (which would be under his control) and clean them up. Example any involved in the above post……investigated, any laws broken, charge, try, convict, jail, and finish getting someone to run the crooked fbi……..4….schumer need to be investigated for any connection to…pizza gate…since he may have been a part of it. Well that is enough to keep them busy for a week or so….hope they get to it.

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