Morris – CIA, FBI WROTE, PAID FOR Fusion GPS Moscow Trump Dossier?

dick morris

Dick Morris leads off with an interesting question that nobody else has publicly asked – who paid for the dossier, the phony dossier that framed Trump with all of these ridiculous charges of collusion with the Russians and invented meetings that never took place to prove that he did?

He also wonders “Who wrote the dossier? Christopher Steele, the MI6 agent, retired, who originally issued it and put his name on it said in a sworn statement recently that he didn’t write it. He got it as unsolicited material. Well, from whom and under what circumstances?”

Morris says, “The guy who knows the answers to all these questions is Glenn Simpson. He’s the head of Fusion GPS, GPS are his initials. And they’re the entity that was contracted by the Hillary supporters to create this dossier. They in turn hired Christopher Steele’s company and Mr. Steele to amass it.”

“But Steele didn’t write it,” notes Morris, “so who did? Where were these tales cooked up, in what kitchen? Was it the CIA, the FBI, MI6, some other anti-Trump place, the Ukrainian government? Who cooked up this fantasy of these meetings that never happened and these people who never did what was said that they did? Who did it?”

Morris says, “We will never know the answer to these questions unless the Senate acts to subpoena him. Because Glenn Simpson has refused an invitation to come in voluntarily and testify before Grassley’s Committee, the [Senate Judiciary Committee].

“These are crucial questions,” notes Morris, “because that dossier started everything moving. It was that dossier that first came to Obama’s  attention, that first alerted the media to everything that was claimed to have gone on, and that dossier lives to this day. In newspaper articles, just recently in the New York Times they ran it on the front page.”

He asks, “Who wrote it, who made it up, and who paid them to do it? Those are the questions we need to be answered. Glenn Simpson knows the answer and Glenn Simpson must testify.”


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