Moronic Dems Quote Fake Tweet To Rail Against Flynn In Victory Lap

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Vicious House bottom-feeding hagfish Nancy Pelosi outdid herself as she took her victory lap over the resignation of General Michael Flynn today. She heaped scorn on the former Trump National Security Adviser for tweeting out that he was a scapegoat in all of this. In the video she can be heard crediting her comrade in anti-Americanism, Rep Elijah Scummings of Maryland for bringing it to her attention.

As was the case with everything else Cummings had to say on this day, that was a lie as well. The tweet came from a fake account and the stupid liberals swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Some lucky angler caught their first hagfish today – don’t eat it but please, don’t throw it back either.

Pelosi says, “I will says this, I didn’t know until I heard from our colleague, that the tweet of General Flynn  today was scapegoat, scapegoat. You know what a scapegoat is?” Of course we do, wise libtard, but that won’t stop you from lecturing us about it. She continued, “That means in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat and they heap all of the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town.”

The lecture goes on, “So the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have the blame to be shared in all of this. The good news is that General Flynn is gone.” That’s good news if you hate America as these assembled ass clowns do. The bad news for her is that she looks like the opportunistic fool that she is for being so anxious to heap her vitriol upon a man who spent his life in service to this nation for political points. She showed just the kind of despicable person we already knew she is.

The comments of her loathsome colleague Cummings are just as vile and politically motivated and completely inaccurate. He stated, “Madam Leader, just this morning Flynn tweeted, and this is a quote, ‘scapegoat, scapegoat,’ end of quote. Scapegoat, he basically describes himself as a scapegoat.” That’s the world’s shortest quote and it’s also the most inaccurate.

There was much more to it than a single word, taking two tweets to message 49 words, there’s also the matter of it being from a fake account, which makes it not an actual quote. Of course neither of these dishonest pieces of crap will be making an apology. Lies are better than truth for Democrats, they’re so much more flexible.

Cummings, like Pelosi, is accustomed to looking like an idiot and his voters, like hers, are either too stupid to realize it or just as dishonest as their representative and couldn’t care less.

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