Morning RINOs Viciously Disrespect, Attack Trump Spox Sanders, Call Her A Liar

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The difference between the Morning Joe The RINO program and being in the White House briefing room is that in the latter there is decorum, the Press Secretary is in charge, questions are fielded one at a time,  and just like on Jeopardy, the accusatory statements must be phrased in the form of a question. On Morning Joe The RINO the gang does what gangs do, attack from all sides at once, including the libtard swamp creature, Joe Scarborough, hosting as a see-through fake Republican.

Sanders probably won’t make the mistake of booking this show again, they’re scumbags who are out for one thing, to discredit her and the president. On Wednesday’s show, smart aleck Willie Geist asked Sanders if she knows something that the rest of us don’t know, about there being nothing there in the Russia investigation?” No weasel, she knows exactly the same thing as what you know, that is, in fact, there’s nothing there in the Russia investigation. She’ll point that out to you if you can tell the rooster head RINO to shut his trap long enough to allow his guest to speak.

Scarborough interjected himself to challenge Sanders’ claim that he had also stated that there was no evidence of collusion, placing new qualifying conditions on what his supposed original comments were. He interrupted Sanders, saying, “Wait, wait, wait, I’ve got to interrupt. As his snippy little broom-riding girl friend fuels the flames, saying, “She’s quoting you, Joe,” Scarborough attempts to rewrite the record, claiming he worded his statement as “obvious” evidence of collusion “right now.” He then pushes the Democrat talking point of demanding a special prosecutor.

Mika the globalists says that the Trump sons have been talking in the past that there are a lot of financial ties between Trump and Russia. There’s a lot of financial ties between Trump and a lot of places, as you whiny libtards know. That happens when you’ve got a business empire that covers the globe. They understand but prefer to seize on the opportunity for cheap political sabotage.

His skanky globalist girlfriend, who was likely seeing Scarborough while they were both married to other people, chimes in, saying, “It doesn’t look good.” She should know about things like that. Sanders, obviously caught a bit off guard by their vicious assault, smiles and calls their insults a “pretty egregious stretch even for… [a trashy, biased, open sewer like their program]. Scarborough pretends to be a Republican and an offended one at that, saying, “I expected liberal Democrats, a couple of them twisted my words yesterday [to provide political RINO cover], I’m surprised that you’re twisting my words.”

Mika, the globalist Clinton operative, just shakes her head in “sad, silent condemnation” as an additional means of dismissing their guest. Scarborough then jumps back on the Democrat bandwagon asking if her comments don’t somehow prove that “We need an independent counsel to investigate this.” Sanders replies, “Not at all and reminds the hack that there have been incessant investigations for almost a year. As she completes the thought, saying, there’s no evidence of collusion, the Democrat reps chime in and talk over her. The professional “journalists” when it comes to talking to Hillary Clinton, the Mooch Obama or Valerie Jarrett. With President Trump’s spokesperson, they finish the sentences.

Mrs. Morning Joe then called Sanders a liar, saying, “You’re actually not telling the truth right now.” Sanders responds saying, “Wow, that’s a pretty bold claim.” This collection of rude misfits needs to be the first the Trump administration blackballs from future appearances and that ban should already be in effect. Sanders should be the last Trump aid given the “Conway Treatment” by these globalist scumbags.

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5 Comments on Morning RINOs Viciously Disrespect, Attack Trump Spox Sanders, Call Her A Liar

  1. As always, a good article, Rick. I don’t know how you can watch these b’tards enough to write about their antics. My hands refuse to tune the TV to the CNN and MSNBC channels. Occasionally I tune to ABC, CBS or NBC. But, only for the sports programs. And FOX News is getting to be more difficult to watch, depending on who is hosting. FOX Business is my favorite.

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. This is so simple! DO NOT GO ON CNN the CommunistNetNews. That commie globalist that tried to intimidate real women she is nothing but a feminist which they are not women. She is also has a mouth that I am waiting for someone to fill with a foot. Be sure and make that BREAKING NEWS Rick if it happens. That is if my comment passes mustard.

    • of course it passes muster, I’m not a censorship guy, SAnnSM, all of yours go through, just libtard trolls and rude people get screened out – that’s it, they’re MSNBC by the way, as if there’s any difference lol – if you’re having trouble with my spam filter that’s a separate issue but I never censor out normal comments whether I disagree or not. Please let me know if you’re having a problem.

  3. SONDRA WHATLEY // May 15, 2017 at 10:57 am // Reply

    When your ratings drop down to nothing because of all of the false reporting and meanness to your guests, maybe you’ll finally open your eyes. More and more Americans are boycotting your news shows or should i sat facades. News is suppose to be the truth not angry liars spewing vile garbage full of lies.

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