Morning RINO Attacks Trump As Angry Madman Hiding Guilt From FBI

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While we would probably prefer to simply dismiss the claims made by the Morning RINO, his main squeeze and their cast of co-conspirators as just the overheated ranting of ratings-starved libtards, they are executing the orders of the anti-freedom globalist left. While they are clearly agitated, it is equally obvious that they are coming after President Trump.

It’s important to keep in mind the level of hypocrisy on display, that these people, as they carry on with their feigned outrage over the legal and appropriate actions of our President, are the same vermin who ignored the criminality of  Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jeh Johnson, John Kerry and all the rest of the scumbags we thought we had just sent packing but who are refusing to leave. That circle of individuals, the elite of Washington, is not going anywhere. They own our government and its institutions, they control them, they’re not about to just relinquish that power to anyone, especially President Trump.

There could be no clearer evidence of that fact, barring a guest appearance by George Soros, than the presence of Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas, the main guest in their anti-Trump discussion. RINO Joe is playing the part of a prosecutor, making the case against President Trump, with Hillary Clinton’s number one fan, globalist Mika at his side for support, providing color commentary and inane witticisms.

Scarborough describes President Trump as if he’s a madman, “running around screaming at television sets, he’s increasingly isolated, basically wanting to fire everybody” describing the White House as being in turmoil with President Trump and Kushner aligned together against everybody else. Maybe RINO Joe doesn’t yell at televisions, many of us do, particularly when libtards like him and he rest of the mainstream media are on the screens, in their typical eruption of falsehoods.

Scarborough describes a situation of “blaming everybody else for the firing of Comey,” something he should be celebrating. Why depict it as blame when it was something that needed to be done, RINO Joe? Simply because the left has found a talking point and political angle by which to make hay of it?

Scarborough accuses the President of being “almost detached from reality,” and then jumps on Nikki Haley for describing Trump as the CEO of the country, calling her “fundamentally ignorant.” She’s making an analogy, RINO Joe, something you do all the time, ignorance of the Constitution played no role in her description, as you well know.

He then goes on to describe Rex Tillerson as being cowering like he’s a caddy.  Scarborough says, “I don’t know what word I’m looking for but it’s sad and pathetic the Secretary of State feels like he has to says that he’s ‘devoted’ to a President who is, again, shredding democratic norms every day.”

His Dominatrix, Madam Mika interjects, “We need to get to Clapper,” intimating some kind of deep state operation or revelations she’s interested in putting together. Scarborough declares that the reason Comey was fired is because he was getting close to something on the Russia hoax and claims the FBI is on to something, that they’ve “already found the string and are pulling on it.”

Someone, probably including their guest from the CFR has a firm grip on Scarborough’s strings as well, and is firmly pulling on them. That’s what happens with puppets, especially ones who were put on television for that purpose. The CFR representative says “It’s awful early for President and his staff to be circling the wagons like this,” something the attacks by his membership and others are directly responsible for. No president has been attacked in this manner in the history of our nation and it’s all because he wants to return the government to its rightful place, in the hands of the people.

A coup is underway – these scumbags are facilitators. They intend to impeach our President and they will not stop until they are successful or we, the people, stop them.

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  1. Before we got a used tractor, had a jack ass that was smarter than the morning things on MSNBC.

  2. Too bad more of the citizenry doesn’t understand “it’s all because he wants to return the government to its rightful place, in the hands of the people.” And, they won’t understand as long as Trump persists in taking detours of insignificance away from that mission.

    Will Trump’s narcissism cost him the Presidency?

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