More Serious MUELLER Conflicts – His PRESS CHIEF Led DOJ FBI Lynch – Clinton Cover Up

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Jordan Sekulow works for the American Center for Law and Justice, an organization that is doing the work the FBI and DOJ should be doing but refuse to, and often obstruct in an effort to shield criminal government officials  and prevent the American people from finding out what’s really going on.

It is one of those obstructions by the FBI, a denial of the existence of documents that should have been turned over by them in a FOIA request, that is partially responsible for more information about the extent of the government web of deceit being learned. The corruption around the special prosecutor witch hunt against President Trump has now been proven to extend all the way up to include the corrupt political hit man at the top, special counsel Robert Mueller.

Sekulow describes how his organization has been going through the records turned over to them by the DOJ, who didn’t make the same false denials that the FBI did as to the existence of any records, some of them the same conversations.  They received those DOJ documents a couple of weeks ago and “have been going through them line by line, individual by named individual” in the meantime.

On the day before this interview, one of the ACLJ’s younger attorneys discovered that one of the names that had not been redacted was an FBI or DOJ press official at the time, who received an email from the Washington Post asking whether the FBI agents and Bill Clinton’s security detail coordinated the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix.

He reveals “The press official contacted at the Department of Justice is now the head of press for Robert Mueller’s special counsel team. His name is Peter Carr. So Peter Carr was directly involved in the Loretta Lynch – Bill Clinton tarmac meeting response and press response [cover up and false narrative] and now he’s leading the press team for the special counsel investigating the Trump campaign and alleged connections to Russia.

Pointing to the obfuscation created by the redactions, Sekulow notes that they know Carr received the request and received the information, “the next step is then getting to, ‘What was his response?’ They’re also attempting to get memorandum that are in forms other than emails from the DOJ and FBI as well.

So the guy who is handling the press for the Mueller witch hunt was involved in and likely orchestrated the cover up of the Clinton – Lynch – Comey collusion in his position. This happened between the DOJ and FBI, with the highest and supposedly most principled law enforcement agencies in the country. His lack of integrity and obvious conflicts of interest simply add to the case that Mueller is equally devoid of character for the same reasons and needs to be removed.

Someone needs to grab the little rat Rosenstein by the back the fur on the back of his scrawny rodent neck and tell him to disband this whole filthy exercise – or he’s going to be fired and then fire him anyway. Are you listening Jeff Sessions? Do you have access to Fox News? How much more obvious does the conspiracy and conflict of interest have to get before you begrudgingly take action? Are you also in on the dirty deal and is that why you chose to recuse yourself in the first place? This certainly is not the AG we were led to believe we were getting when he was nominated.


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4 Comments on More Serious MUELLER Conflicts – His PRESS CHIEF Led DOJ FBI Lynch – Clinton Cover Up

  1. Pat: I believe you are exactly right, and it may be too late.

  2. As I’ve said before, the FBI is no longer trustworthy. We can’t trust them to have the interests of the American people in mind, and they appear to all be rotten to the core. If we could somehow chop off the top levels, maybe 50% of the whole, we might find an agent or two who was trustworthy. But the odds? They’re slim.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // August 19, 2017 at 12:06 am // Reply

    How about DNA Tests for Robert Mueller and John Kerry? Do they look like at least half-brothers?

  4. Deplorable Doctor // August 19, 2017 at 12:04 am // Reply

    Jeff Sessions is a man without any balls! He will never Fire anybody, especially Rosenstein.

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